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A Review of the Kaire Neutraceuticals Income Opportunity

Sep 11, 2008
Kaire Neutraceuticals located in Langley, British Columbia first made its way into people's homes back in 1992. One of many health and wellness companies using unique products to make their mark on the internet. Below, you will find a little more about their company and the compensation plan as well.

We always enjoy finding what makes each company different than another when they are bunched together in the same industry. In Kaire Neutraceuticals case, it's the The Pycnogenol Collection which protects you from destructive things due to the environment according to their website. They also revolve around bone, joint, cardiovascular, detoxification, digestive, and antioxidant support.

Interestingly enough Kaire Neutraceuticals gets their materials from various regions around the globe including the United States to produce natural products for consumers. Like their new Kolostrum PRP Spray which according to the website, three squirts to the back of the throat each morning and evening and it will help make your immune system healthy. With all these unique products, we were anxious to find out how the compensation plan worked for their company.

Kaire Neutraceuticals uses a six level compensation plan ranging from a Distributor to Master Executive and the only way to join the program is being referred by someone else. As for an upfront cost, we couldn't find one in the paperwork as far as joining, but we did find that each distributor must start off with the minimum auto ship of $50 before taxes, shipping and handling.

Getting involved with the "starter package" will allow you to earn 25% commissions on preferred customers and first order bonuses. After this you are paid on two more levels consisting of 5% for Level One and 15% on Level Two. Kaire Neutraceuticals offers more levels in the other programs such as the Supervisor and Executive positions allow for three levels with different commissions for each.

The rest of the programs (Managing Exec., Senior Exec., Master Exec.) that Kaire Neutraceuticals has to offer, allows you to have as many levels in your downline as possible. This is definitely a system where you need to stay in close contact with your downline, so if you are looking for something where you just sign people up like an affiliate program, this probably won't be for you. Why? Well, in order to progress, there are a few things you need to do to help your downline.

For instance, to move from Distributor to Supervisor, you have to have $150 a month in business that isn't auto-ship, $100 auto-ship, 2 personally enrolled Distributors, they must have $150 in sales that isn't auto-ship, and $100 auto-ship. Without going into detail, Kaire Neutraceuticals does the same as the levels grow, but they vary for each one. If your interested in a program such as this, just go to their main website and get more in depth knowledge of their company.

In doing so, you can find out the other programs and stipulations for each level as well as the other products they offer. If you have any questions, the company has a contact us page where you can send them an email. Just remember if you do decide to join after you do your own research, you can't join from the main website and have to be referred by someone.
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