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A Review of the Juvio Income Opportunity

Sep 11, 2008
Juvio sounds like a multifaceted company to work with. They have taken network marketing to new levels. Not sure what levels they are, but they are new levels. There was an actual person that was sitting at his computer one day when he received a particular email.

The email said, "You have to sign up". This person had to admit, he was curious about the whole thing because it wasn't from any particular company that he had heard of. Now he does online marketing and has dealt with a few companies, or was at least familiar with them. Because of his curiosity, he opened up the email. It told him that he needed to sign up, then gave a persons name and said "if you sign up now, you will have $xx.xx in your account".

Well, he basically ignored it, it had to be a scam, and there wasn't much money involved. He was also aware that there would be a signup fee of some kind for him to even claim that money, so he didn't give it a second thought.

Eventually, the emails kept coming, one after another. They came in so fast that he couldn't keep up with them. Each of the emails said that there was money being put into his account and that he needed to sign up to claim it. The amount was now over $1200! Well, as you can think, his curiosity was peaked by now. He had to check this one out. He went to the site, which was Mach90 and took a look at what they had to offer. As he read, he saw that there was only a $50 sign up fee, hey, what a bargain if that is all you have to pay to collect $1200 that is already in your account. So, he signed up.

He then called to get the information and while he had the rep on the phone, he asked when he was going to get his money that was promised to him in all those emails. She basically told him that he "wouldn't". As you would think, he was a bit confused on the matter and relayed his confusion as to what the emails had said. He asked the rep why wasn't he getting that money because all of those people had signed up under him. That is what the emails had stated. That as soon as he registered, they would all be in his downline and that money would be his.

Well, the answer he got from the representative was not what he wanted to hear, but should have expected. She basically told him that he would have only been given that money "if" he had signed up before all of those other people did! She then told him that he would get some money, but that would be from people that he personally sponsors.

Well, as you have figured out by now, he was pretty pissed. He told the rep to cancel his membership and told them that they were the biggest crooks he had ever come across. He asked for his refund, and was told that he needed to do that online, there was no one that was able to help him with that.

Well, you can figure out what happened next. He went online and requested his refund but it never went through. It took three days and the threat of a lawsuit to get their attention. This would be only if they didn't credit his card in his account. Well, amazingly enough, the 4th day, the money was put back in his bank.

There is another source of someone that had similar emails in his account. His email stated that Juvio Corporation is not the sender of the emails. They claimed that they too were a victim in this very negative situation and this has stolen their company's good name. They claimed that these were criminals originating in the Mainland China, according to their Legal and Technical Team's research. Well, needless to say, this was enough for this person to change his mind about joining Juvio and block any emails from them from that point on.

I am not saying that Juvio is part of this or not. But I am saying be aware that this is happening all over the Internet and it seems to be related to this company. Juvio does offer great services and products. I have been impressed with what I have seen on their website. It looks to be a legitimate business. I just am not sure anymore about any of these companies. I have done so much research and have been disappointed in them all.

But you have the choice of doing your own research. Just putting the word Juvio in Google will bring up the information that I have stated here.
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