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FAQ About How To Earn Multiple Stream Of Residual Income

Aug 17, 2007
1. What an earth the headline means?
My father used to say that if you want to make a living, go to work but if you want to make a fortune, hire people to work for you. The latter means, that you earn from multiple stream of income.

2. Ok, but how can I earn residual income?
When you do things once but earn from them repeatedly, that is residual income.

3. But would it be better to concentrate into one business only?
My opinion is, that it is more safe to earn from multiple stream of income than from only one. Then you simply have more choices to make an income online, if one of your programs fails or the profits are too small.

And with one work you can earn from, let us say, five affiliate programs and not only from one.

4. What kind of an affiliate programs should I pick?
Good question. They should be under the same topic and support to each other. If the skills, which are needed to promote the programs, are the same kind, it will be easier for you to earn multiple stream of income.

5. I am a starter, how can I pick the affiliate program?
First: think simply. And make it safe to you, especially when you have to learn and earn at the same time. To be able to earn from multiple stream of income, follow these requirements: the program must have been online over 5 years, must have a good reputation, good training course and quick online support with email.

6. How long does it take, when I begin to earn from multiple stream of income?
You will start to earn very soon after you have started to promote and the earnings get bigger with time. Note that the key is to build a big downline and each of the downline members have to go through the same starting process, which you have gone.

7. To earn from multiple stream of income, is it more complicated?
No, to learn to promote all five programs happens with only one work, because you promote ONLY one affiliate program, which consists of five. That is the whole idea. It just sounds more complicated.

8. If I will have a big downline, is it a big job to keep contact with them?
You must use email automatic responder ( autoresponder ) to do that. With good pre written email set, you can handle the contacts easily. As a matter of facts, the whole process is totally automated. It works while you sleep.

9. If I want to make changes to my website, is it possible?
This is an important question. When you want to add or remove something, it is good that you own the website and have access to the server. Then you can modify the content along your own experiences.

10. If I want to start without investments, is that possible?
It is safe to think to start for free and get touch with the choosed program before investing money. However, to earn multiple streams of income always need some investments but the fees are still quite modest compared with the possibilities they will offer.
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I am Juhani Tontti and I run a program with multiple streams of income. If you have time, check it and get 3 FREE ebooks as a gift
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