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Where Can I Download TV Shows Online And The Truth about Bootleg Movie Downloads

Sep 11, 2008
Where can I download TV shows online and what is the truth about Bootleg movie downloads? These are often the usual questions buzzing the minds of TV series addicts and avid television show lovers today. There are actually many domains that offer to download any of your favorite shows. Some offer the download service at a very minimal price while others offer amazingly free downloads.

In a certain website to download these TV shows online, for example, you have to sign up first in order to view all the downloadable TV shows. You are the asked to pay a very minimal amount to enjoy the service. Although with some price attached, many subscribers gave positive feedbacks that emphasize affordability and good investments of your time and money. May it be sitcoms, dramas, cartoons or miniseries; surely you will be able to download them all. What's more is that this privilege entitles you to full access to one of the largest download networks on the internet, not forgetting to mention that the site offers updated videos that are presently on demand. Not only having thousands but millions of TV shows, movies, & even music tracks for you to select. The unique feature with these types of domains is that they also offer all the software that their customer may necessitate for the variety of selections they are downloading. With this, they can actually play them & burn them to a disk in order for them to have their own copies as well. The best thing that these sites may be offering to its consumers may be their Anti-Pop Up software and Anti-Spyware, which comes as special bonuses. Thus, the person's safety in an often regarded as a dangerous place like the internet is fully guaranteed.

Are bootleg movie downloads unethical or ethical? That is something that many people may not be asking themselves, especially since downloading a movie from an Internet site has become so common a practice that some people find this to be a natural course of action to take. But there are always two sides to every ethics question; including asking whether bootleg movie downloads are ethical.

On the one hand, some may argue that bootleg movie downloads are ethical because the consumer gets to see what he is going to buy and whether it is of good quality before he pays for it. Others might say that new artists who allow their movies to be downloaded get so much free publicity by the word of mouth appeal of the titles that can be downloaded from the Internet. Admittedly, many movies downloaded from the Internet are of inferior quality than the real products you can see in theaters, and from portable media such as VCDs and DVDs. However, these movie download proponents believe that this at least allows the consumer to gain more power and control over the purchase process.

At the same time, there are critics of the movie download system as it is being practiced nowadays all over the world via surreptitious downloads. They say that bootleg movie downloads are downright unethical because they strip the artists responsible for the movie (and the companies dependent on the release of that movie in legally acceptable ways) of the income they deserve to earn.

Whichever side you take though, it is certain that bootleg movie downloads will generate much controversy; until clear legal standards are developed and fully enforced
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