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FAQ About RSS Feeds And Blogs

Sep 11, 2008
RSS feeds are all the rage now in the Internet world. They are similar to syndicated radio shows that are fed to radio stations all over the country and globe. You should use RSS feeds in your Internet business, but along with this new technology comes questions.

RSS feed Question: What is the difference between RSS feed and feedburner? Feedburner is a site you can go to and actually build an RSS feed. Go to www.feedburner.

You can also submit your RSS feed to the Feedburner site. For example, let's say you have a blog. You can submit the URL for your blog to Feedburner and it will create the RSS feed for you.

There are RSS feeds for everything, not just blogs. You can create RSS feeds for video, YouTube, Twitter, etc. You can also create RSS feeds within your own website.

Every single page you create should also include a blog post about that page. Why? Your blog is on an RSS feed so if you mention other pages of your site then they will spread out all over the Internet during the RSS feed.

Blog Question: What is the easiest place to set up a free blog? Go to www.blog, www.blogger, and www.wordpress. You can set up a free blog right now. It is easy to use. Just remember that you are on their domain name and not yours, but it is a great place to start for beginners.

Tip: If you use WordPress for your blog then every time you post on the blog it will automatically be fed through the RSS feed. This functionality is built into the blog.

Tip: Most blog programs offer 'plug ins'. Some of these plug ins include using Twitter.

Tip: Focus on one blog. Too often people new to the business are exploding with ideas. They end up running all over the place to start new ideas. They end up being disorganized.

Instead, focus on one idea at a time. Write down all your ideas as they come into your head. This enables you to focus on those ideas later. Make sure you are laser focused on steps.

For example, your first step should be set up your squeeze page so you can get contact information from your customers. For now, don't worry about getting the traffic to your website. You can create traffic strategies later.
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