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What Color Is Your Time?

Sep 11, 2008
Top business people separate themselves from the crowd by talking to large masses of people at once. The Internet allows anyone to reach millions of people simultaneously. If you want to make the most money, you have to grab the attention of the masses, plain and simple.

They reach these masses on the Internet through automated software such as Infusionsoft. They know that automating these tasks frees them up to pursue other money making opportunities.

However, in most business owners and sales people spend about 75% of their time doing things that don't make them money but they feel have to be done. They only spend 25% of their time making money. This ratio needs to be changed.

You can color code your time based on the following:
1. Green time is everything you do that makes you money.
2. Red time is everything you have to do that doesn't necessarily make you money. This includes paperwork and busy work that you can't avoid.
3. Blue time is personal time.
4. Black time is practice time. Think about Tiger Woods. He practices 50 hours for every one hour on the golf course. Going to seminars can be considered black time because you are learning new skills and strategies.

Tip: Focus on green time. Use email campaigns, networking sites, organizations, etc. that have high lead value. Exploit these opportunities and fill your schedule with these tasks.

The businesses that have a laser beam focus on green time activities are going to make the most money.

What are time wasters/red time? Filling out paperwork, fixing problems, talking with people over busy work, etc. are considered "red" time. These are activities that you should outsource so you can focus on the green time money making activities.

Tip: In order to achieve more green time you should have a napkin business plan. Don't forget to also figure out how you separate yourself from your competition.

There are three things you should look at in your business to separate yourself from your competition. They include: quality, speed, and price. For example, think about Taco Bell. At Taco Bell you get speed and price, but quality is lacking. However, if you think about Ruth's Kris you get quality.

Should you focus on quality, speed, or price when breaking away from your competition? The key is to beat out your competition in the quality. Your product and website can make you stand out as far as quality.

Start to analyze your business. Can you write your business plan on napkin? Are you focusing on quality? Are you focusing on more 'green' time?
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