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Increase Your Value Per Visitor

Sep 11, 2008
You can sell the membership to your membership directly. However, what works more effectively is to sell the bonus that has much more appeal to your market then just signing up for your membership site. You can list the membership site as a 'bonus' in your bonus section. Make sure the membership sites look sexy and appealing.

Another option is take something of yours of high value and give it away for a super low cost such as $1. You give it away for such a low price that your competitors can't even touch you. For example, you can give away an old product or seminar for just a $1. This gets customers to sign up for your membership site and continuity. They then are more likely to spend money on higher priced products.

The number one most important thing when you are making the offer in the membership site is to make sure you say at least two times on the page that they are getting a free trial that will automatically turn into a monthly membership fee at the end of the trial period.

Increase your value per visitor. Focus on the front end offer. Lower the barrier to entry to get the maximum number of customers in the door. This technique gets you more customers that are exposed to your one time offers.

What is forced continuity? You force people on your site and then force them off.

For example, you can offer a high priced product for a super low price of $1. This will attract thousands of customers. Then these customers are exposed to all your high priced products. The sales letter should have incredible copy that promotes these higher priced products.

You also want to bond with your customers so they continue to buy from you. You can purposefully start off with a rough membership site. Then a month later, upgrade the quality of the site and let your members know. They will perceive that they are receiving more value. They will feel that you have their best interests at heart. Remember, perception is everything.

You can also tempt your members by providing them with your first few modules of content and then give them only a quick preview of the next module. Tell them they can experience this next wonderful module next month (or week) depending on your content schedule structure.

Add surprise bonuses. These will increase your retention rate. Say that you just obtained rights to a bonus and now want to offer it to them.

These are just a few ways to increase the profitability of your membership site.
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