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Optimize Your Membership Site With These Techniques

Sep 11, 2008
One of the biggest problems with membership sites is that they are set up on a website as opposed to an email Autoresponder. Let's say you start the membership site just on a website in January and you keep building up the content on the website. Then somebody who joins in June gets more information because the website has more content by the time they sign up.

Sometimes people will even cancel their membership and then come back to your membership site later so they can access more content right away. If you send content through an email Autoresponder then you don't have to worry about this program.

The membership site program makes your customers have higher value. People who are willing to pay you on a monthly basis realize that success is not created overnight. You are training them to constantly digest your information. You grab their attention because you get in front of their face constantly. Plus, when they keep paying you they will give you more attention.

Another benefit of membership sites is that you can continually sell to them. You can train them to read the email and check out your membership site. They have a habit of coming back to your site. This creates authority because they get used to listening to you.

Membership sites are great for testing. You can split testing your marketing plans. You can test out products before they hit the market. You can conduct surveys to find out what your customers want. It is much easier to test and survey your members than it is to just email surveys.

Let's look at your business by working backwards. What do you need to do reach your monthly financial goal? In other word, how much residual income do you want per month? How about $5,000. Let's say that you are going to charge a monthly membership fee of $10 per month. This means that you need to have at least 500 subscribers on your membership site.

You can attract and retain these subscribers through your squeeze page and sales letter. You have to figure out what your conversion rate is on your sales letter. Let's say your conversion rate is 5%. That means for every 100 people who visit the sales letter, 5 people sign up.

Then remember that you may have affiliates of who you have to give 50% of your profit. This means that earn $5,000 per month you need to double your subscriber number to 1,000 subscribers.
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