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Marketing Your Cleaning Business in Three Easy Steps

Sep 11, 2008
In your cleaning business, much like in any other business, your success relies on proper marketing techniques. Not only will this marketing help you to be able to gain new customers, it will also help you to be able to retain them. The good news is that it does not need to be some long, complicated process. In fact, marketing a cleaning business is actually very simple. Just follow the following three steps to marketing your cleaning business and you will have more clients than what you can handle.

If you are just starting out with your cleaning business, you are going to need to get some references under your belt. The best way to do this is to find out if anyone you know works for a company that needs a cleaning service. You can also begin doing some cold calling on local businesses to offer your services. Even though this may seem like a difficult task, it gets easier as you do it. One word of caution, make sure that you are clean and tidy when you go in to ask for a cleaning contract. If you are not looking your best, they will equate that to your cleaning abilities and you will not get the job.

The second thing that you can do is to start putting out fliers to local businesses (or homes if you are going to be doing residential cleaning) Take the time to make sure that they are professionally done and do not overcrowd them with too many words. Just explain who you are and what you do. Make it easy for them to find your contact information. If you really want this to be effective, stop by several days after they receive the flier to ask if they had any question. This is a very effective technique because it gets some of the introductions out of the way ahead of time.

The final marketing tip has to do with your existing clients. Nothing is better than word of mouth advertising, so make sure that you are always giving your existing clients your best. You would be surprised at how many times your new jobs will come from a recommendation. Make sure that they always remember your name. Leave a small card on the front desk as you leave that thanks them for their business and includes your business name. You can also prompt them to give you a recommendation by adding the following line to the bottom of your invoices.

Thank you for your business. We appreciate your recommendations as it helps our business to grow.

Once you get the ball rolling with your cleaning business and get a reputation for being honest and reliable, you will be surprised at how fast new clients will start to come in. Always take a little bit of time to market what you are offering and it will pay off in the long run. Not only will you have a successful business, you will be your own boss and enjoy all of the benefits that go along with it.
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