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A Leader Understands Leadership Development

Sep 11, 2008
There is a cycle in life that permits the growth and prosperity of the human race. It is the idea of teaching and learning, leading and following. We must each take part in both sides of the spectrum at some time in our lives. Some are asked at a very early age to take charge of their destiny and forge the trail for those who will come after. It is not always understood why, but we must understand the two schools of thought that surround leaders.

There exists a philosophy that leaders are leaders because it is their inheritance in life; they are given the talent of being able to lead from birth. Another ideal states that leaders emerge when they are needed. When the situation requires that someone take the lead or incentive, one will step forward to fill the void. Let's explore either option to see how we can help to develop the leaders of our business and community.

It is possible that there is a balance between the two ideals of which we have spoken. The understanding since birth that they have the ability to lead will prepare some so that when the opportunity arises, they will exceed the expectations of those who need them to lead. On the other hand, there may be some born to privilege who choose to step down from leadership when that option is presented.

The ability to lead may be compared to the ability to surf. You cannot control the strength or size of the waves, but if you know how to ride them, you will be successful. The development of a leader occurs as he comes to understand that within his sphere of responsibility there are controllable and uncontrollable variables.

He must prepare to survive when the uncontrollable variables become extreme, and he must not make excuses for lack of improvement when he has failed to utilize a controllable variable. The reason this is the beginning of the development of a leader is because if he can focus all of the occurring experiences around himself, it will be as the focusing of light on a single point. Once the light is focused, it will have power. If the light is not all pointed in the same direction, it will never produce strength enough to burn or make an impact. Taking responsibility to oneself for controllable variables is the commencement of generation the power of a leader.

Now let's examine another key factor that is common to a leader. In order to permit the perpetual training of the community, the leader must have not only the ability to teach, but to capacitate. He must convert his experience and understanding to a format and process that will enable the replication of experience and wisdom in those with which he is associated. This type of training requires a full cycle of applied explanation and practice. A leader will know that he can reach his entire community if he is able to train enough members of the community who can then reach the populous. He will create a training cycle that is easy to transfer as one trainee later becomes the instructor.

A strong leader understands that he can make the most significant impact if he teaches others to acquire the skills of a leader. Leaders, whether born or inspired by circumstance, are essential to the advancement of business, community and intelligence as a whole.
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