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Three Tips For Cleaning Business Success

Sep 11, 2008
Owning your own cleaning business can be very rewarding. Most of us love to have the freedom of being our own boss. By starting and owning your own cleaning business, you are one step closer to obtaining that goal. This type of business is one of the easiest to start and grow but there are still some considerations for those that are just starting out. I have compiled the following three tips to help you to be able to make your business a success. If you apply these tips to your efforts, your business will grow and flourish.

Do not be the Wal-Mart of Cleaning Companies - Many people that own cleaning companies make the mistake of trying to be everything to everyone. It is often a much better idea to specialize in one particular field. I know people that are successful with their cleaning businesses that only do one particular task, but they do it very well. Some examples would be window washing, office cleaning, home cleaning, carpet cleaning or tile floor care. Of course, there are times when some of these will cross over with each other. You will, however, have more success by doing one thing well and building up a reputation for it in the community.

Do Not Cut Corners - People are very particular about the companies and individuals that take care of their cleaning. If you are careful to always go the extra mile for them, they will not only keep you on as their cleaning company, they will recommend you to others. Word of mouth advertising is a very powerful tool and you would be surprised at how many jobs you will land, simply because you were recommended by an existing client. The opposite is also true. If you are constantly cutting corners, you will not receive the recommendations. You may be kept on as their cleaner, simply out of convenience, but your business will not grow.

Be Clean - This tip is especially for those of you that are just starting out. If you are your own employee, or if you only have a very small staff, make sure that you are clean when you go out to the job. Take the time to shave and stay away from the logo t-shirts and torn pants. People are watching while you are cleaning and even if you are the night janitor, you never know when someone is going to show up. If they see that you take the time to be tidy about your personal appearance, they will notice the difference.

There are a lot of different ways for you to be successful in your own cleaning business. These tips were meant to help you to get started and build your business in the fastest way possible. There certainly isn't anything like owning your own business and the flexibility that it adds to your life. If you do a good job and always strive to make the best impression possible, you will be certain to find success with your own cleaning business.
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