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What Kind Of Cleaning Business Do You Want To Start?

Sep 11, 2008
There are many people who want to start a cleaning business in order to make extra money or to get out from underneath their current day job. Many of them start looking for any type of cleaning that is available but this is often not the best way for you to begin your business. As with anything, being specialized in one particular field is going to yield you more and higher paying clients. There are several different types of cleaning that you can do which will pay well and once you get comfortable doing them, you will be on top of your competition. What are some of these cleaning businesses?

Window Washing - This particular type of cleaning business is almost an art form in nature. Almost anybody can clean windows but it takes a special talent to be able to clean them professionally. As a matter of fact, there are many courses that are offered at local community colleges which teach you how to clean windows properly. Once you get the hang of this particular business, it is not difficult to make a very good living while staying in this one particular niche.

Office Cleaning - If you want to do some general cleaning, office cleaning is what I typically recommend. The reason that I would recommend cleaning offices over cleaning residential homes is because they do not tend to go over your work with such a fine tooth comb. If one particular employee does tend to be picky, it is easy to recognize and begin taking better care of this person's general area. That is not to say, however, that you should be sloppy in your work. Doing a good job with your office cleaning can land you additional contracts because of word-of-mouth advertising.

Apartment Turnovers - One area of cleaning that is often overlooked are apartment communities that have a high turnover rate. Every time one of these apartments becomes vacant it needs to be cleaned in order to get ready for the new renter. This presents a fantastic opportunity for anybody that wants to have regular cleaning work. Often, these apartment communities will want to work with an individual who is diligent, competent and reliable instead of working with a larger cleaning company.

Floor Work - Although it may take a little bit more start up cost, working with floors is a great way to break into the cleaning business. You can either do this through commercial carpet cleaning or taking care of tile floors. There is a bit of learning involved when it comes to proper handling of waxing VCT but once you get the hang of it, your services will be in high demand. It is always best to start out with little jobs, perhaps doing small floors, such as waiting rooms and offices. Once you are comfortable with what you are doing, you can move on to doing larger floors, such as grocery stores.
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