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Addicted to the Internet

Sep 11, 2008
Excessive use of the internet can sometimes lead to a person becoming addicted to the internet. Many individuals suffer from being internet addicted. Internet addiction is a very real problem can cause mayhem at home. There are at least a few different platforms one can become addicted to on the internet.

Playing online games:

There are many games readily accessible on the internet, from free ones to games that you need to subscribe to that charge a monthly fee. Games are by far the worst cause of being addicted to the internet. Most of these games tempt you to play by goading you and offering the prospect of leveling up. The fact that enemies need to be killed to get a great item also serves to further the addictive nature of internet games. To make matters worse, the best items are rarely given or are very difficult to get, so this leads to repeatedly killing enemies. Was it mentioned there's a social portion to these games? Such a social aspect, that online friends start to take the place of real friends. Also, the addiction to online games can devastate anyone's private life. When players are in the game, they are usually ignoring the people in their life that matter.

Addicted to searching for information, reviews and watching videos:

The internet can be used to find information about absolutely anything. There is so much available on the internet to look through that no person will ever be able to view everything, and, of course, there is more constantly being added to the web each and every day. It is addictive to search for stuff like the latest news concerning celebrities and products; such as computers, games and movies. It is also a great tool to find how to articles and books about anything conceivable. With Youtube and other similar websites around, you can watch episodes of your favorite television programs or watch movies and clips other people haveuploaded.

Participating in online forums:

By browsing a forum and becoming a member, a person can quite easily become addicted to reading every story and portion of advice that is available. One can also become addicted by rating others work and submitting their own works as well. This is particularly bothersome on the major and most highly active forums.

Addicted to Myspace or Facebook:

These sites can cause huge problems with regards to addiction. They are websites where you can put information about yourself, decorate your pages any way you like, upload pictures, and in general, communicate with other people. There is the chance that old friends or long lost relatives will find you on these sites and contact you.

Addicted to websites such as Helium:

Helium and a number of other websites like this can be addicting because you write for profit and can get up to date information concerning said profits. It is fun watching your account total go up moment to moment. There are other similar sites that involve selling products and services such as Ebay, which are equally addictive.
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