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The Reason for Overrated Internet Blogs

Sep 11, 2008
Everybody seems to have a blog today. Blogging has become a way of life for some people. Bloggers are just about everywhere these days and blogs are built principally with the intention of sharing ones opinions and thoughts. But sadly, it is a fact that blogs remain mostly unread and unseen for that matter, by the general internet population. Blogs are overrated because they have become yet another trend, as it has been a trend in the past to own a cell phone or to have an ipod.

Another reason why blogs have become so popular is because some people have made a great deal of money from their blogs. We all have heard of those few bloggers that draw massive amounts of traffic to their blogs and that have made or are making tons and tons money. But if we look very carefully at statistics for blogs, we will see that these are just a small number of people amongst the thousands and thousands of other bloggers. So let's get a closer look at blogging and put things into better perspective.

The Truth About Blogging

Having and maintaining a blog is not an easy task. You can not simply build one and then let it set there collecting dust for the rest of its meager life. A blog needs to be refreshed every so often with new entries and with new topics so that visitors return every now and then to pay you a visit. You will always have to constantly have new ideas to post to keep catching the reader's interest and coming back for more.

Blogs can tell a lot about a person. The media has advertised recently how some employers have been basing their hiring decisions upon visits to the job candidate's blogs. Always try to keep your blogs anonymous as much as you can. Also, check your grammar carefully and never, ever forget to spell check your blog. Do not put your blog URL in your next resume unless it is an utter work of art.

Blogs have been known to ruin reputations of more than a few people. Some employees have vented about their daily frustrations with their boss and job or even worse, they have posted secrets of their trades in their blogs. Some were simply frowned upon for this, but others actually violated job related secrecy codes. When exposed these bloggers were in a great deal of trouble. Also, don't post blogs about your ex girlfriend's bad habits or your racial views, please keep your private thoughts to yourself.

Blogs need to be employed with a certain level of marketing skills. Do you have what it takes to advertise in a way that is adequate enough to drive traffic to your blog? With thousands and thousands of blogs, sticking out in the crowd may be challenging, if not almost impossible. A certain level of knowledge in marketing strategies will be necessary to get the results you need.
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