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Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Call Center

Sep 11, 2008
Development managers are busy zeroing in on how to maximize their call center productivity. More often than not their most preferred strategy is on scripting, pitching or specific call center software. Though these two alternatives are definitely important weapons in your arsenal for operating a successful call center, but by far the priceless asset is none but your employees i.e. your call center agents.

To improve the effectiveness of your call center, start interacting with your callers. They are the lifeline of your company. To help you get started on the right foot, here are some tips.

Hire Your Agents Like You Would Hire Your Development Managers

This is very important. It is not unnatural to see that recruitment officers hire staff just to have sufficient warm bodies around. For instance hiring people from the campus, sometimes on a first come first hired basis and so on. The outcome is that some people would only be there to have a free lunch, some would be present out of obligation and the rest would just follow the bandwagon. The result is that the call center is full of people who are not sure that they want to be there or not.

We never hire our management staff or development officers this way, so we should not hire our call center staff like that either.

Empower Your Callers

Most companies treat their callers like they are some distant humans emerged from nowhere, and lack of communication from the management officers are all the more responsible why some call centers are going out of business. Callers should be treated with respect because they are the ones who bring you the money. And perhaps they are the greatest asset in your business arsenal than everybody else combined. Therefore to get them work towards your companys strategic goals you need them to interact with each contact and develop a rapport with them. If they feel, they have ownership in their roles, they would showcase your company in the greatest light possible to your contacts.

And that would only increase your bottom line.

Show Thankfulness

Calling is damn hard work and most often a thankless job. Productivity is nothing but a barometer for job satisfaction. A managers role in a call center should be to ensure that the callers are contented and excited, not only about the institution but also about their roles in its success. It calls for their involvement. And the simplest way to show your callers that you care is to appreciate every little thing they do or initiate. Say, thank you, make your President visit the institution, giveaway a free pizza treat to everyone, celebrate their birthdays. A genuine appreciation would work like magic for a callers confidence, as a result it would work wonders for your bottom-line as well.
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