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Make Concrete Blocks For A Profitable Business

Sep 11, 2008
Concrete blocks are a commodity of the building trades. They are used to build just about everything from big buildings right down to a tiny backyard barbeque. They are in constant demand.

When you are in the concrete block making business you are manufacturing a commodity. They are not a craze which is in high demand now but not in the future. The market for cement blocks is growing continually and probably will continue to grow for a long time to come.

A lot of money is not needed to start making concrete blocks. This is a really well founded business which you can get going from your home,working in your garage. With hand made molds it is quite easy to turn out 100 blocks for a day's work. These molds are readily made from plywood and sheet metal in your workshop.

By working evenings and weekends it is easy to build up a highly profitable business. Start up costs are low and profits can be excellent. All you need is to make some hand molds,from available plans,fill them with the correct concrete mix and turn out the blocks to cure. Portland cement,sand,gravel and water in the correct proportions are the materials used for the concrete mix.

By working from your garage you will have low overhead costs. You have no rent to pay,and no wages to employees. You a huge advantage over big manufacturers who must pay for business premises and pay employee wages and benefits. You can sell your cement blocks at a very good price and do well.

Additionally you have no transportation costs. Transporting concrete products from a distance is very expensive due to their weight and size. Local buyers are really happy to have a local,low cost,supplier. You can sell your products to them at a very good price and still make a great profit.

You will certainly reach a time where demand outstrips the number of blocks you can make. One person working with hand molds can expect to make about 100 blocks in a day. Part time work will not be enough to satisfy the demand for your products at some point. You then must think about going full time in your concrete business.

You will need to acquire a concrete block making machine to raise your production to hundreds of blocks per working day. You will need a helper to take the finished concrete blocks from the machine to your drying racks. You will also have to consider renting larger premises to hold the drying racks needed to cure large numbers of cement blocks.

Commercially made concrete block making machines are definitely expensive. You can buy them from a number of manufacturers for several thousand dollars. Another option is to build your own concrete block making machine. Using plans which are available you can build a very good machine from auto parts and some odds and ends. Some welding is necessary but a welding shop will do this for you at a reasonable cost.

Building a concrete block making machine is not really difficult. Plans with instructions are available from which you can build a good machine which works every bit as well as the expensive commercial machines. This machine will turn out hundreds of blocks per working day which enables you to fill large orders.

The concrete block making business is a great choice for starting a home based business. There is always a strong demand for concrete blocks . Your likelihood of success is good if you follow this route . You can work at your job till demand for your product requires you to work full time at your business. This removes the risk almost entirely. Check this opportunity out. You will find it well worth while.
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