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7 Surefire Affiliate Tactics for Increasing Traffic and Sales

Jinger Jarrett
Sep 11, 2008
Many who are new to affiliate marketing make several mistakes when they market affiliate products. One example is using the sales materials the merchant offers without changing them. If they only market the product for the first 30 days they are affiliates and then move on to new products, they miss potential sales.

If you want to find success in affiliate marketing, there are several things you want to consider.

1. Understand your market.

Your first step is knowing the demographics of your market. Demographics include age, sex, personal interests and how much disposable income they have to spend. By knowing this information, it helps you to tailor your offers to your visitors.

Knowing what your visitors are looking for can help you select the right products for your affiliate business. One way to do this is to find forums on your topic and see what questions are being asked. Often you'll find the same questions being asked over and over.

Find products that meet those needs and then offer them to your visitors.

2. Understand how to drive traffic to your site.

Certain internet marketing techniques work better than others. There are some techniques, like using robots to build a list of people to send your offer to that shouldn't be used at all.

Learn the different internet marketing techniques first. Use only effective techniques. It is possible to market on a zero dollar budget if you do your homework.

3. Understand the proper use of search engines.

When creating your website(s), choose the right keywords for your headers. Write a keyword rich description and title. Although these elements won't really help you raise your rankings in the search engines, it will help you get your site indexed correctly so others find you.

Don't create redirect pages that point to places unrelated to your topic just to get traffic. Porn sites are notorious for this, and for those of us doing legitimate searches, all they do is irritate us.

4. Make use of different types of content.

You may already know to use reviews, testimonials, and articles on your affiiate websites. Are you also using RSS feeds and other newsworthy content?

RSS is a search engine friendly code you add to your site to display constantly changing content. Don't just give visitors the usual content. Give them news about your industry too. Become an authority site.

5. Use joint ventures.

Although joint ventures aren't a technique usually considered by affiliates, they should be. Do ad swaps and link exchanges with sites related to your topic and promote your programs.

6. Join multiple affiliate programs.

By joining multiple affiliate programs, you offer your visitors more choices. You also have an opportunity to earn more money. If one of your offerings isn't doing well, you can always change it and offer different but similar product.

7. Build a list of subscribers.

Recycle your traffic. Most people don't buy the first time. By building a relationship with your visitors, through a list, you increase your chances of making the sale. Isn't that what it's all about?
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