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The 25 Most Important Fishing Supplies and Equipment

Sep 11, 2008
Ready to go fishing? Is your fishing boat ready for action? How about your very own fishing supplies and equipments? Don't waste your time bringing so many supplies and equipments; instead take the most important things you will really need.

Fishing is surely one of the most thrilling and at the same time relaxing outdoor activity for those adventurous types of people. It is indeed one way to get in touch with nature and to experience the whole outdoor wilderness. And wouldn't you agree that fishing is somewhat like an entirely different world?

Throughout history, fishing has undergone numerous changes due technological developments that occur every now then. Although technology can change the way to catch fish, still, fishing will always be the most loved pastime by everyone and enjoyed by all ages. Now, just go ahead and get your fishing rod and lures and go fishing in any water body you may think of. But wait; did you prepare your fishing supplies and equipments?

Fishing supplies and equipments may vary from the type of fishing you will engage in. Some fishermen don't use fishing nets while others are fond of using it. Some make use of fishing pole holders while some people do not. But whatever it is you must have these important fishing supplies and equipments.

First and foremost, one of the main factors of good fishing is to have those very useful fishing tackle and equipment.

Of all your fishing supplies, the most important are, of course, your rod and reel and line and bait. To obtain maximum performance of these very demanding pricey tools, you have to keep it regularly cleaned and properly maintained. But still there are so many possible alternative fishing supplies.

Not all fisherman use fishing net to fish. Oftentimes fishing nets are very functional. If you are thinking of catching and then releasing the fish, it is certain that fishing nets are very helpful. The faster you can get it and let go of it, the better. Whatever type of fishing you will be engaging in, you are still going to need an assortment of fishing nets.

For a fisherman a fishing pole holder can be a very functional instrument. There is no better way to free up both hands than to utilize a fishing rod. When a fishing rod holder is used, it allows you to do more and multi-task. Now you can clear and remove fish from hooks. And in truth, the use of such a tool even allows a fisherman to gobble down a sandwich freely while fishing.

But, before going out to fish, proper clothing must be worn. No one knows how the weather might change all of a sudden. Considering the weather, proper outdoor attire is very important. Bringing a rain suit is a must even on a warm summer day because who knows how the weather might be. You have been told and warned. Bring a rain suit; it would protect you when you are caught in torrential rain and might save you from hypothermia.

Always keep the bags and boxes clean and dry before using it for your tackles. Just after every season, empty your tackle box or bag and wash the inside of it. Let it dry. Then lubricate the zippers of the bag or the hinges of your tackle box.

Also check your hooks if they are still sharp. Simply because a blunt hook is not doing a good job, you will lose a fish for that.

In a dry container, put the weights and smaller items there for storage and all the tools must be cleaned and polished. Always bring your hook remover or pliers along and it must be in good working condition because when you have catch and release in mind, the life of the fish is at risk, and every second counts.

Give your lures some attention. If their paint is chipped or they are broken, it would not hurt to buy a can of enamel to repaint it. It will give them a new look and a charter of life.

Always replace your fishing line before going out. Over time, the line will become brittle and you will lose a fish and might ruin your whole day of fishing if you don't care about the tool that connects you to your catch, the fish.

Lastly, do remember to keep and stock up rubber worms and such things in synthetic bags, separated also by color. Because of the substances they contain most of the baits will have a chemical reaction to firm plastic boxes and might burn when they touch that and will result in a horrible, clammy mess and will ruin your clean tackle box.
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