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How To Get Started With Bum Marketing

Sep 11, 2008
Bum marketing is a term that describes a particular use of article marketing. In order to succeed with bum marketing you will need to develop your writing skills. But do not be alarmed if writing is not your forte, fortunately this technique can be learned.

Let me begin with a basic definition of what bum marketing is and how to do it. The essential part of this is that it can be done without any out of pocket expenses and it is really simple to do. That is where it got the name bum marketing; the thought is that any bum can do it.

That is reassuring because many of us in the Internet marketing realm feel somewhat intimidated by the various methods used by the so called experts or authorities. We feel much better when we can follow a simple but effective plan.

I happen to be one of those people that prefer having things laid out in front of me in an organized, step by step format. That is exactly what you get when using the bum marketing method.

To begin you will need to select a product that you want to promote. You can go to Clickbank or any other place that offers affiliate products. I recommend Clickbank only because it is easy to see which products are doing well and that makes your selection process much easier.

You can choose a product based on its popularity or on its gravity. Basically, the higher the gravity the easier it should be to profit with a product. But even with those criteria it is important to choose a product that you either know something about or would not mind learning about, the reason will become clear in a moment.

After choosing your product you should create a blog with the name of the blog being based on the subject or product itself. Then you will want to create an article that discusses the many benefits of the product, I suggest doing this without actually naming the product until the end of the article. Simply write about the benefits that a quality product in this category would have. Then you can add that you have found such a product in xxxx brand.

Your next post could be a review of your product. In this review you will want to discuss all the selling points and talk about how this particular product is wonderful and that it is better than others.

Here comes the hard part, you will need to write a lot of articles about your product, and when I say a lot I am suggesting that you write no less than thirty. You will of course need to create a resource box that will leave your readers wanting to know more, and you will tell them that they can get more information at your blog.

If you can create a free report or other enticement to offer your readers you will get more traffic to your blog. But regardless, you will use the articles to submit to directories. If after submitting thirty articles you do not see a profit then you should stop writing regularly for that product and move on to another.

I actually suggest that you have a minimum of three products to write about using the bum marketing technique. This gives you the advantage of not putting all your eggs in one basket.

The key to bum marketing is quantity. This method will not make you rich overnight but it will generate an income for you. Do not get discouraged if it takes awhile to see sales, believe me, they will come.

Continue this technique and you can build an entire business around it. The only thing you need to do is learn about writing effective articles and resource boxes. This is definitely an easy way to see some online success.
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