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A Lottery Is A Lottery Or Is It?

Sep 11, 2008
The lottery signs are everywhere. Megabucks waiting for us if we can just pick the right number. I began to wonder if the lottery was just an American phenomena or were their similar systems around the world? If so, how did they differ from ours? So began my search for the secret life of lottery tickets

What I have found most people around the world, albeit state, national or even the UK lottery, is that most players have a system to select the numbers that are going to win them the latest jackpot. When purchasing their lottery tickets most people will use birthdays, anniversaries, dates that (in their mind) are those that their lucky star will select for them, and only them, to have the proverbial \"Golden Ticket\". Here in the US, for example, there has been a surge of selections of the same grouping of numbers, found in the popular television show LOST 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. If these are the numbers that are selected, I would hate to see the mass panic that would ensue having to split the winnings 18 million ways. For all of my research, I wasn't able to find the same type of pattern in number selection in the UK, however, there are many differences as to how their national lottery is played as compared to our state lotteries.

The largest difference that I can find between the American lottery system and that of the National Lottery found in the UK is that within the UK you can select your numbers online and play online daily. This is a far cry from what we have in the US today where you have to patronize your local convenience, grocery, or liquor store to invest your earnings in what will certainly be the last lottery ticket you will ever need to purchase. In the UK, not only can you track the numbers you have played in the past online, you can select those numbers over and over again, to play daily, and see if you can win big. You have a capability of simply imputing your numbers in a box on the National Lottery website to see how they compare with the UK lotto results. It appears as if the Europeans are decades ahead in their lottery ticket purchase, selection and tracking process.

Why hasnat America joined the ranks of the Europeans in offering the lottery on the Internet? Perhaps it is because many citizens oppose the lottery seeing it as an evil entity from which the public is to be protected. Unfortunately, the monetary benefits the lottery offers to a lagging economy are kept at bay when this attitude prevails.

The Euroas ability to out perform the American dollar at this difficult time in history is not solely due to its relaxed attitudes on gambling. Yet, imagine the good that could come from an American National Lottery, easily accessible online, where even pennies on the dollar could be directed at the public good. We could increase support for healthcare, education and the arts. We might even be able to pay down the national debt!

For the anti gambling advocates a national lottery in the US could even consist of spending limits placed on the website, and in this way the cries of \"It will get out of control\" could subside. It is possible that we could implement a similar system as our sister country across the pond and use it for many different venues.

By keeping the state lottery rules and regulations the same and simply adding the convenience of an online national lottery we could revitalize our nation, and use just a few pennies from each ticket purchase to fund programs selected by the voters it could turn our entire economy around!

So what can we learn from all this? One thing we know for sure, Europe is benefiting from its modernized online gaming. The UK is leaps and bounds ahead of the USA in offering a National Lottery, and for us, well we have a long way to go.
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