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Making the Job Interesting and Challenging

Sep 11, 2008
To help alleviate this problem, it's suggested that new challenges can reenergize them and restore their enthusiasm.

As far a staff retention and absenteeism go, there are several things that the conscientious employers can do to ensure that the numbers in the one area go up and down in the other. One of the first that's suggested as part of the new business model is assigning new projects and startups that require employees learn new tasks and work under a certain sense of time pressure.

The management team might want to consider creating a task force on a pressing business problem or at the least they might want to consider some kind of conference or convention.

Management needs to consider the fact that staff retention and absenteeism numbers are both controlled by a motivated workforce and some employers encourage a employee to handle a negotiation with a customer so that they can have a fully rounded idea of how the company works.

As well, the employee that gets the chance to make a presentation to top management will more than likely work to keep their attendance spotless since they will have the feeling that they've made an impression no the right people.

Some of the other things that a company can do for it's employees are designed to motive them in the sense of fostering a sense of belonging. Company picnics are generally considered a good ideas since they get the staff out to interface in a social setting that unites and bonds them further than the office environment could hope to accomplish.

One of the other methods used to foster positive numbers where staff retention and absenteeism is concerned has to do with small jumps and other activities that speak to molding the team concept. These are several examples of the kind of things here that can affect a company and motivate the employees and they include,

Allowing the employees to mediate among warring subordinates

Allowing the employees to spend a week with clients and then write a report

Allowing then to evaluate the impact of the training sessions

It's also good to encourage the best employees to take on added coursework that gives them something to look forward to in the way of promotions and has them learning something new and intellectually challenging as well. Some the ways that this can be accomplished include,

Allowing them to design a training course that will be implemented. This is especially useful since the employee has the ability to draw on their knowledge of operations.

Allowing them to study the requirements for a new work area
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