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The Riches In Your Mind

Sep 11, 2008
There are riches, bigger than any piece of gold or diamond can offer. There are riches better than any oil reservoir can offer! The question is - are you willing to find these riches?

Everything from Microsoft Windows to an airplane, the space shuttle and the car, all began somewhere. And this is the domain of ideas, and ideas are born in mind.

And as these ideas are born most will leave them. The few will act on them, and we see these people as the active professional entrepreneurs that scatter this world over. They are not as common as being found in every street. Instead these people are like eagles, they are few in number.

Now creating these ideas from vision to reality is what gets most people. And here it is where people seek the missing links to success but never find. Anyone can find an idea - ideas are a dime a dozen. And I can even sell you ideas! But, it would be of no use.

You see, you already have an idea. You may have forgotten about it or are thinking about. This idea can't be guaranteed to make millions or billions, but it can do some good.

Is your idea in need? Why hold it in the secrecy of your mind. What good would windows in the mind of Bill Gates be, if they simply stayed seated there? Instead is it not better that billions of people all around the world, are making use, and finding good uses for this idea?

20,000 thoughts in a day, surely one must be a golden thought! However, it can be easy to pass by. Our days busy as they are what about what you will eat tonight? However, like an eagle in few numbers, it is only the practical man or woman who can make things happen.

Now, your idea is not going to be one that only you can do. It needs others, and it needs others to either give there vote with money or to help in getting that idea to people. From courier companies, to marketing companies, packagers, manufacturers, and you - you are part and parcel of thinking and growing rich.

There is a golden idea, but many people won't try to make it. They will leave it in the busyness of their lives. But you, you can transform those ideas into reality. No one said it will be easy.

It may not be done in a day, it may not even be done in a year or a lifetime, but there is one thing for sure. And that is as you work on your ideas, and help humanity with positive products, services, etc, you will be in turn put in the middle of a need for supply and demand, and that is what every practical entrepreneur wants.
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