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Medical Graphic Design: Illustrations, Animation, and a Whole Lot More!

Sep 11, 2008
There are two options: You can find an advertising agency or a graphic design firm OR you can look for a firm or studio that specializes in medical graphic design. Specializing in medical graphic design has the edge of both concentration and extensiveness in creating graphic design that attracts appropriate clients.

So, what services are you looking for?

Medical Illustration

Medical illustration is an important element of medical graphic design. As important is the presence of a professional medical illustrator or a medical illustrator who is a member of the Association of Medical Illustrators. You can check their portfolio online or ask to see it if they don't have a website.

Medical Animation

You may want to use animation in describing your product or service either through 3-D animation or Flash for your web site. Make sure that the graphic design firm is an expert in online rapid downloads and can produce CD's and DVD's for marketing and sales purposes. Choose the medical graphic design studio that has a resident medical animator or a relationship with one they use often.

Medical Web Design

Your web site can be your most important marketing tool so pay attention to its design and optimization. A good medical graphic design studio has success stories and previous clients that did well in Internet searches. You can evaluate the medical graphic design firm by assessing its website.

Medical Print Design

Look for a medical graphic design studio that has the skills in converting 3-D description into 2-D graphics and still enables your product to showcase the benefits it has for the target audience. It should be all about benefits, that is, what's in store for your prospective customers. You know you're hitting the right firm when looking at the brochure makes you curious about the product or eventually buy it.
Photography for the Medical Graphic Design Field

Choose the medical graphic design studio that has a resident medical photographer or a connection with medical photography resources. You can assess the studio based on its portfolio or consult their previous clients on how this studio fared with the service they provided.
Narrow down your choices to two to three firms then ask for their references. Call each one of them personally and take time to understand what they think about the services they have received from the firm. The following are examples of the questions you may want to ask.

-How satisfied were they with the services provided by the firm?
-Did the services or products were done as desired?
-Did the firm deliver the services to them on time?
-Would they want to work with the firm again? Why or why not?

Take a look at the results of your inquiry, and then rate each of the firms on a scale of 1-5. You will then find out that a leader is starting to surface.
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