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Tips On SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Sep 11, 2008
Search engine optimization is considered by many to be somewhat of an art form. Although it certainly can be taken to different levels that most of us are unable to achieve, basic SEO is relatively easy to grasp. As long as you have the basics down, you are able to rank for a surprising number of keywords and keyword phrases, most of which are simply up for grabs within the search engine results. After you have the basics down, however, learning some tips on SEO is going to help you to improve those rankings dramatically. Here are a few to get you started.

Get Those Links - Having links coming back in your website is a basic part of search engine optimization but it is also one of the tips on SEO that should simply not be overlooked. Unfortunately, many people give up on looking for links eventually because they find them too difficult to acquire. If you are having a difficult time getting fresh links back into your website, try doing a little bit of article marketing or perhaps commenting on blog posts that are directly related to your website. You would be surprised with how much of a boost these simple efforts will give you.

Vary Your Link Text - If you are using incoming links in order to boost your search engine optimization, and you really should be doing this, make sure that you vary the link text to a certain degree. Even if you are going after one major keyword or keyword phrase, if you have all of the incoming links say the same thing, it may be regarded by the search engines as being unnatural. There's nothing wrong with going for several different keyword phrases and varying those phrases whenever you get incoming links. You may actually rank for other keywords as a result.

Go Deep - Don't put all of your efforts into acquiring links directly to your main page. Getting a few links that are optimized for keyword phrases to pages that are deep within your website will not only help your website overall to rank well, it may help those pages rank for that specific keyword. Just remember, the more pages of yours that are accessed via the search engines, the more entry into your website you are going to acquire. Don't overlook the smaller pages on your website because an army of them can bring you in unbelievable traffic.

Use the Meta Tags Well - As far as tips on SEO are concerned, this is probably one that you are more likely to overlook. Meta tags have lost some of their power but there are still some that you should take the time to use. For example, when you use the meta description tag, the text that you use will actually show up in the search engine result pages in many cases, directly underneath the title. Not only can you use it for optimization purposes, you may be able to use the tag to make your link more inviting.
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