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Developing An Online Business With Facebook

Sep 11, 2008
Facebook is an ideal onsite community to develop a business. You can even link it to other sites and show your eBay listings or other information on Facebook. More and more social networking sites are trying to engage each other to broaden their appeal and services. You may find that adding your profile into Facebook can zoom sales somewhere else, and vice-versa.

Unlike a regular business interaction, your interactions in Facebook are more social. In fact, the main reason Facebook exists is to socially gather and meet other people. Doing business on Facebook was not the main reason it grew and this has become an offshoot of a popular place to meet. It doesn't mean that the staff of Facebook frowns on doing business on Facebook, since they even have a marketplace for you to do so. However, if you want to succeed on Facebook, then you have to learn how to do business in a different way.

You will have to spend some time becoming an active participant of this site to generate some business leads. It is important to start building a network of friends because eventually those friends will also be your customers. However, you can't approach someone with a solicitation like: "Dear Friend, would you like to buy my XYZ product?" This is obviously a solicitation even if you are using the word "friend."

Being a friend means much more on social networking sites than just a word. They are your trusted network and the people who will help you promote your Facebook profile; and thus, by default your business. But, the trick is that you never hard sell your friends, you always have to approach them with the soft sell.

If your friends buy your products, they might share the results with groups or it will show up on their news feed. Facebook is set up to tell other friends about what their friends are doing, whether it is installing an application or buying your product.

There are so many different interconnected pieces to Facebook, that you must remember to be polite and professional to everyone you meet, even those who may want to antagonize you. You never know who will read that exchange and get the wrong impression about you and your business, rather than wondering why somebody else is being unpleasant.

If you decide to market a product or service, be sure it is something you stand by and that it resonates with you personally. First, and foremost, Facebook is a social networking platform. If you are selling products that don't appear to resonate with your profile or your mission in life, people will quickly spot you as a marketer and you will not get many people wanting to be your friends.

The key is to market products that you believe in and that make a difference in other people's lives. That way, when they see who is selling an item, it won't reflect badly on you and your Facebook profile.

On the Internet you can market your own products at a fraction of the cost it would take to promote them physically from one retail store or outlet to another. Examples of products that do very well on the Internet are virtual products like reports, ebooks, music downloads, photographic content, and anything that you can sell in electronic format that might appeal to someone viewing it online.

These products are usually referred to as "info-products." The nice thing about info-products is that they lend themselves very well to low overhead costs. You can produce one product and it takes no effort to create multiple copies and have them delivered automatically through autoresponders. Your sales cycle is very short and your costs are minimal.

You can also market physical products that you deliver in your geographical area or through postal mail. Of course, this takes a lot more effort and you would have to include shipping costs to the price of your product to make a profit. You can even choose to offer your products in several different formats. For instance, maybe some people want the electronic download and others want a physical book. You can offer them a variety of different formats and pricing to find one that suits them.
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