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Chris Allred's Real Estate Investment Method Proves Lucrative, Revitalizes Communities

Sep 11, 2008
All homes can create the 'influence ripple.' All property can affect the property around it. If a mortgage fails and the property is foreclosed on by the bank, it can influence the entire neighborhood in a negative fashion. With the recent housing crash, it becomes very easy to see all around us how one home or more in a neighborhood can drastically affect the values of other homes. This can cause other troublesome side effects, including higher crime rates, lower income housing, unemployment and what some prospective home owners might consider an undesirable neighborhood.

Now, what if you take one of these unwanted homes and turn it around? What if you take five? What if you take ten? If a group of investors can come together and influence an entire neighborhood through the purchase of a few select homes. According to Chris Allred, this can bring a neighborhood's value as much as 34% depending on how much love and labor goes into keeping these homes up. This not only raises property values, but it also drives crime down as it attracts a more desirable clientele- decent citizens who can not only afford these homes but can keep them beautiful. This is also looked at as a boon by the local and federal government. As more people who can afford these home move in, the more taxes are paid out, and government profits.

Now, Chris was faced with a choice- he could have taken all that he had learned with his investors and continued to invest in local governments across the country, many of which had asked him for help and guidance, he could have sold his ideas in a book for massive profits, and many investors have sought him out and asked for his thoughts on mass buying and selling, or he could offer everything he had learned as an open-source class that can benefit communities and investors with his secrets. In fact, local governments were so excited by what Chris had to offer that many of them are helping to fund his lectures so that new investors can step up to the plate.

The biggest movers and shakers here? Local grass roots organizations. Community Development Organizations (CDO) and Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO) are just two of the non-profit groups that have sprung up as a result of Chris's work. These organizations exist all over the country, and they exist through the support of the government in an effort to follow the Chris Allred method and revitalize different housing communities.

The one problem- even with the support of the government and with the support of the community they never seem to have a lot of experience or money. How does the government help? Many of the homes that are sold to these groups are offered by the government for as little as $1.00. No joke - these homes are then turned around to investors like Chris Allred at a nominal fee and then revitalized and re-offered to the world. A second chance for a home. A fresh start for a family.
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