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Sep 11, 2008
More and more, the public is looking for better ways to stay healthy and younger looking, opening several new business opportunities in the health related fields. While opening a nursing home or extended care facility may not be the best move for someone just getting into business for themselves there are many opportunities to open a health related services business.

Medical supplies are in constant demand by hospitals and clinics as well as doctors offices and being able to fill the need for quality, affordable supplies can help a business get off the ground and grow. The next time you visit the doctor, look around the waiting room as well as the examination room for an idea of what their needs may be and hoe you can help them meet those needs.

Office supplies are the same in any type of business and medical facilities not immune to the growing cost of supplying their needs. Most doctors do not make the decisions for the supplies, leaving it to their office managers and those that work in small offices may not have the time to run to the office supply store to get what they need. If you have a business that can offer affordable office supplies to several offices, you may be able to offer better prices than the supply stores that offer free delivery.

Many medical, as well as legal offices, often have a need for occasional transcription services and many short courses are available to train you to become a medical transcriptionist. This job will require some specific training in medical terminology as a mistake in transcribing a doctors dictation could have disastrous results. There is a continuing need for transcription services as it takes a well-disciplined person to translate someones speech into text and turnover may be high at many services.

A person skilled at this work can find plenty of work, maybe not from one office but by hooking up with several offices. It can provide more than full-time employment opportunities that can be done at home. When considering offering services to a medical office, do not look at it as one office to keep you busy. You will want to connect with several offices to create your own home medical services business.

Billing is typically done by the doctors office and with many of them realizing a majority of their income through insurance claims. Someone with the experience of making sure the proper forms are filled out to eliminate late or denied insurance claims can offer their services to medical facilities. While most collection efforts are handled by major companies, some offices may be interested in trying to collect on small bills or bad checks at the local level before turning a patient over for collection.
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