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An Internet Business Doesn't Come In a Box

Sep 11, 2008
We have all seen the wacko ads for an internet business in a box. The ads scream "Just Buy This Secret Can't Miss Strategy" and you can make a 5 figure income by next week. Unfortunately many would-be internet marketers are conned by this type of advertising. We all have it and it's called the greed factor.

What is a business in a box? Well I really don't know of any. Let's try and come close. You have probably heard of franchising. Franchising is a type of successful business that the franchisor says can be duplicated by anyone. The reality is they are right and wrong.

There are many successful franchises. McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, and Service Masters are just a few. So it can be done. But are these businesses really a business in a box? Let's take a close look at a successful franchise.

The successful franchisor provides many things. First there is an application process. You will be interviewed, tested and have your financial back round checked. After the interview and testing the franchisor finds many people don't have the aptitude, experience or work ethic to be successful. Only half of the applicants make it past the first step.

If you make it past the first step and you have the initial investment, which can be anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 and more, you will go to school. In this school you will be trained in the "system". This training is conducted by the franchisor and can take two weeks to a month of in classroom training. For many of us, an adult going back to school is brutal. Some of the manuals for running your business may be as thick as an encyclopedia. If you don't pass you're out of the franchise.

Next you will go into the field and train at an existing location. Your hand will be held and trained for several more weeks. The field training time is not 9 to 5 with breaks and an hour lunch. It will be 10, 12 or 14 hours per day to see if you can take it. If you are still standing you will move on to your own location and begin the business. The company trainers will stay with you for some more time and stop back to check on you regularly. Be prepared to work 10 or more hours per day.

This is a very quick explanation of how the closest thing to a business in a box works. It is hard work, persistence and dedication. If you don't have it, a franchise will not work for you. If you don't have it, an internet marketing business won't work for you.

Most of the new people trying to start an internet marketing business think they can cut out the hard work and circumvent the persistence. They believe they just need to hit a home run with that business in a box. The worthless information they just bought is a never-seen-before strategy that will work by mysteriously driving traffic and buyers to a website template that requires no work. Just FTP it and forget it.

Everyone out there making a living with an internet marketing business laughs at the time and effort wasted on the greed factor. An internet marketing business starts slowly with small improvements to marketing, websites, email list etc. You are testing every page and everything you put out needs small improvements. Then, even the best in this business make mistakes.

Whatever niche you have chosen, you will constantly be learning, redefining and improving because the industry chances quickly. Your chosen niche is changing with new methods and strategies. Search engine algorithms are changing as well as the way buyers search and shop. You will have to learn something new everyday.

So let me repeat, a internet business doesn't come in a box.
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