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How To Avoid Recruiting The Wrong Person For Network Marketing

Sep 11, 2008
Network marketing is a people business. The quality of the people will either make or break your business. Your business can be "killed" with the wrong type of people and there are three different types of people to avoid when recruiting people for your network marketing business. They are "The Snake", "The Sweet-Talker" and "The Sloth."

The biggest poison in the network marketing world is the snake. They will do whatever it takes to recruit people and will even succumb to unethical means to get them. High pressure hard selling, friendship blackmail and line pinching are some of the means the snake uses to get people to join them. Especially must you be careful when they are talking to your prospects. These snakes are friendly and helpful and will welcome them to the team. Before you know it, your prospects become their downline. Even your own downlines are not immune to their wiles and the snakes will entice them to other MLM's in which they are already a part of.

Crowd pleasers are the sweet talkers. And that is all they do. Talk and no action. They are sincere people, and are one with the team but they give all kinds of excuses to justify their results. All your attention is given to them and yet they are not investing time to grow their own organization with their own downlines. Too much sweet talkin' can produce a sick company and one that eventually may not succeed, especially if the person does not produce a viable means of income.

Then comes the sloth who literally do nothing. They join the MLM companies in which they are purchasing hope and not a business. All their network building is expected to be done by the uplines for they will not see the people. Oh...they may attend the rallies, home parties and meetings. And they may read all the books and listen to the tapes on network marketing but they basically are a lazy lot. Their upline is expected to do everything.

Unsavory people are found everywhere including the world of network marketing. Whether they produce venom or are sickenly sweet or plain do nothing, these individuals do not belong in a respectable community such as network marketing. Learning how to recognize such people and learning how to avoid recruiting them will guarantee time vested in the right people for the right job and thereby a profitable business.
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