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What Determines Success In Any MLM Business

Sep 11, 2008
Principles, when applied in a MLM business, never change. They include working together with a solid management team where uplines help downlines and sidelines help each other. Where reputation is built by providing value for your customers and prospects and the willingness to help others. These principles are unchangeable. They are the foundation as to the success of a MLM business. When uplines pass these principles onto their downlines and they pass them onto their downlines, than the business is solidified in their goals and work as a strong team unit.

There are some things that an upline can give their downlines and that is enough knowledge to know what works and what doesn't. Fortifying your downlines will make for a more effective MLM business. If the downlines believe in their upline's product than they themselves will sell the belief that the product is worth purchasing.

Be careful how you approach prospects. Using techniques that were successful in the '80's are not necessarily going to be successful in the 21st century. The two words networking marketing produced an odd response. Instead of marketing a product, networking became popular. No one really knew how to market a product or service. Recruiting friends and family is not the same as marketing products to people and the understanding that network marketers are in sales. Networking has its place but the ultimate goal is to sell a product and to do this requires effective marketing.

Network marketers are in this to sell an idea to individuals who are willing to listen to their sales. Convincing someone to change their mind about what is being offered by selling their product or the opportunity is what a MLM company is all about. Selling and sharing are two very different things. Selling is income; sharing is networking.

A good example is this. When you as my friend talk to me about various subjects and I share with you my love for exotic foods, I am not trying to sell you exotic foods. I am just sharing with you how much I enjoy eating exotic foods. It would be different if I am getting a commission from the restaurant that cooks my particular favorite, though. Then I am selling a product that enhances the exotic food I enjoy.

By apply these principles that have been steadfast for many years, than you will find that you can have success in any MLM business and can reap what you have worked so long to sow.
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