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The Secret to Entrepreneurial Success: Confidence

Sep 11, 2008
Taking on the challenge of starting your own business takes courage; it takes an idea colliding with a dream, which creates a force of change. It takes a spark and a vision as to how you will have an impact on your target market and how your product or service will be of benefit to the world. But above all, the one thing that will ensure sustainability of your new idea and strengthen your professional relationships during negotiations with clients or customers is confidence in yourself. Confidence in the services you offer and the impact you will have on those you assist will be one of the cornerstones upon which you will build the creditability and reputation of your business.

The choice to start your own business makes a bold statement to the world around you that you believe you have the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to the business world. But you can bet that once this statement has been made, you will be met both by those who show support and encouragement, as well as naysayers who do not have such a deep rooted belief. In other words you will come across those who will strengthen your confidence and those who will try to undermine it. It's important to recognize what both of these perspectives serve. The positive reinforcement is just that, energy and encouragement to help you succeed. On the other hand, starting a business of your own will possess moments of nervousness and doubt, which is only natural whenever someone undertakes a project of such magnitude. The best advice would be to evaluate the feedback offered, in relation to the source from which it originates.

Overall, at the end of the day the most influential element in the process of developing and growing your business should come from the confidence you have in your own effort, energy, and abilities to bring success to your business.

Where does confidence come from and how will it help you? Simply put, confidence comes from within. There is nothing anyone can say or do for you that will give you as much strength, foresight and determination as you believing in yourself. If you do not believe in what you are doing, saying or selling, then it is only a matter of time before you change your mind and undertake a different endeavor. Confidence comes from knowing. It comes from knowing to such a degree, that you can already see your project or idea complete, sustained and successful.

Having a strong, healthy sense of confidence in yourself will ensure that when you are faced with a substantial challenge, you'll be able to persevere, adapt and change. If you did not have the confidence, then you would simply shut up shop and move on. Confidence is the voice that speaks when you find yourself in a situation where your understanding is being directly challenged. Confidence is the key ingredient to any form of sustained success.

Keep in mind that most of the time your customers are keyed in on listening to what you are saying, more than they are listening to how you are saying it. If you present yourself with confidence, then you will find that many more customers or clients will have a positive response to what you are presenting.
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