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How To Win The Network Marketing Game

Sep 11, 2008
Network marketing is like a journey, though the road traveled is not at times easy. You will need to write a detailed plan and the steps needed in order to arrive to a successful financial conclusion. This will take much forethought and planning to include a plan that will incorporate your personality and your way of doing things. Writing something down will force a commitment on your part, much like signing a contract which forces an individual to keep their end of the agreement. One will constantly look and review what was written down in order to stay on track in their quest to win at the network marketing game.

Every person who owns a business should have a goal they can reach for. If you desire $10,000 monthly in income than set smaller goals to attain it. Perhaps a smaller amount the first year, than a larger amount the second year and so on until that $10,000 a month is reached, hopefully by the third year. By calculating what is required to reach that goal you will know how to reach that initial smaller income the first year and then can make needed adjustments to reach the next higher income the following year.

One of the easiest ways to get to your destination is to know where you are going so that you don't become "lost". Your people skills, which include to a great extent your listening skills, will need to be improved on constantly. Dealing with people is a must in the network marketing game and if you are unable to do so, than this avenue of employment will allow you to lose and you will never know how successful you could have been had you just learned the art of listening.

Listening is a unique skill and talking too much is a common downfall of network marketers. The salespeople will need to learn to listen to customers because these customers will tell you what they're looking for. Improving your listening skills especially on the telephone includes...stop talking, view things from the prospect's position, empathizing and providing a solution to a problem, repeating what you heard from the person, no interrupting while prospects are talking, clarifying points by asking a lot of questions and avoiding jumping to unwarranted conclusions.

You will need to learn to read between the lines and listen to what is not being said in order to win at the game of network marketing.
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