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The 3 General Areas to Make Money In Any MLM Plan

Sep 11, 2008
You can have the best MLM plan but unless you are willing to sponsor someone, that plan will not get off the ground. Keep the compensation plan simple because you make money with it but only if you work your plan. There are three general areas to make money in any MLM plan. They are retail profit, team overrides and leadership bonuses.

With retail, showing the prospect that income potential is made by earning a retail profit with the products you are selling. You can expect a margin from 10% to 50%. A businessman buys a product at a discount and then sells that same product for a profit. Selling a product simply for profit is not indicative of the true power of MLM though. Overriding commissions generated is the true power and the second source of income.

Like an insurance agency, you recruit and develop your own sales team. You are your own boss and your sales team your "employees". You get paid a certain percentage of override off your team's sales. You may think that this is unfair to override other people's success and income earned. But is it? You as a sponsor or upline, provide training and coaching to your sales team These override commissions are rightfully earned given the time and effort it takes to train a successful team or downlines. The ultimate goal is to help your downlines to generate more sales and helping your team is a sure way to successfully make you thrive in your business. By doing so, the downlines are also contributing to the company and they in turn will have their own downlines who they will be able to override due to the time and effort expended in teaching them the ropes of a successful MLM plan.

Leadership bonuses is the third area in making money with any MLM plan. By developing successful leaders in your group, you get an additional bonus or override. Revenue sharing schemes are an income earning means in some companies. This is where you share in a certain percentage of the company's overall earnings given your status in the company. It is like being a shareholder in a company.

What is the true meaning of MLM business? It is people helping people. Helping others reach their leadership potential is the basis of a successful MLM plan. When your leaders excel in their position, than the company's self worth starts to grow as each member learns more about themselves and what they are able to do to make money thus contributing to a success MLM business.
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