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Some Important Tips On How To Receive Leads Online

Sep 11, 2008
Traffic is one of the most important things when having a website or an affiliate website, but more than traffic, finding potential leads to join in on your site is a really big part of becoming successful and making money online. Most of these MLM, network marketing, and affiliate programs will need you to get people "under" you in your downline. This is one of the main ways you get paid. Usually you will have a right leg and a left leg. If you have a sponsor above you, you will probably experience some sort of a "spill over" from the matrix.

However, you could have 5000 on your left leg from spill over and zero from your right leg (people you sponsor) and you will make zero dollars. It's just the way these companies work! It doesn't matter if the affiliate site you're a member of is a CPM program, cash generator, safe list or a cash gifting program. Sure, traffic is a potential way to receive "customers."

But did you know that it takes 1000 people to visit your site (traffic wise) before you could receive even one sale?!? Instead of having thousands of people just visiting your website and eh maybe being interested, probably not, why not get actual targeted leads?

Targeted leads allow you to "buy" people to come to your website that would be interested in what you're selling to them. These are usually opt-in lists, and more likely than not I would make sure they are opt-in because chances are if they were added to a list that they didn't opt-in to, you could potentially get in trouble for sending them unwanted emails or SPAM. As we all know, SPAM is a major no no!

Not only could you get in trouble with their affiliate site you joined but you could also get black listed online, and this is NOT a title you want to be associated with. You can't hide from this, so just don't do it at all! The sites will usually tell you "these leads are all opt-in" or "these leads are willing to receive messages from you."

There are all sorts of categories you can choose to place your ad in to receive targeted leads. Here are a few of the following you can expect to find online:

Arts and entertainment
Health and medicine
Real estate
Web services

Obviously you can see from this small list (subcategories weren't added to the list) there really is a perfect category for whatever service or website you want to advertise or you want leads for, this is great for you because now you can make sure you pick the correct category and in turn receive the correct "type" of people to your site.

For example, in most cases if your website is about cars, and you are getting people that are interested in law or legal services, chances are they won't be interested (too much) in your site. You can also pick to have people sent by certain age specifics, race, creed, demographics, what they do for a living, do they buy products online, etc. You can expect to pay a good amount of money if you add all these other specifics on. But if you just want to buy targeted opt-in ads, it really doesn't cost very much at all, considering the targeted traffic and potential sales you could be receiving!
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