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What is Digg and How it Helps Your Search Ranking

Sep 11, 2008
A Digg is a short writing where you can post or dig information that will be of interest to others. How does a DIGG Help Your Search Ranking? A digg helps search ranking much like that of any other writing you do about your content. It brings more attention to your topic and creates another way for you to link to your site.

The Digg Community does not take kindly to spammy types of writing and will ban you for doing so. So I caution you if you are going to create a Digg, be careful the content you put in it. Check out the most popular stories or Diggs as they are referred to. Put a Digg in about those stories and most of the time the owner will do the same in return for you.

There by increasing visibility of your dig and your links. Like any other type of Search Engine Ranking Improvement techniques, the success of the Digg is never a guarantee. You must compose your Digg so that it is of interest while at the same time along the lines of your topic.

Sometimes people do this rather obviously or tackily and that annoys the Digg community. They have their own set of guidelines and they are to be adhered to completely or you will definitely find yourself on the outside of the community looking and wishing to be in.
A successful dig like any other SEO tool is a powerful way to increase traffic and possible search engine rankings but there are no guarantees.

So how can Digg help you in seo ranking?

Firstly you have to dugg your article which is located at your website. Digg.com is considered as an authority Web 2.0 community by Google, and mind you, Google loved Web2.0 website because it is constantly updated. Google spider will check Digg.com regularly to get a hold of the latest user generated content. This is how Google will be able to find your website.
If you article is being bookmarked by a lot of diggers, your article will stay on the home page of Digg.com. Everyday there are millions of visitors "soaking" in Digg.com, to keep them updated with latest topic in the world. You will get an influx of traffics if your article get listed on the first page of Digg.

The other benefit is a lot of webmaster will look for fresh content in Digg.com every day. There is a high possibility that they will republish your "hot" article on their website. Thus you will get a free link back to your website.
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