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Top 10 Questions About SEO

Sep 11, 2008
SEO work is taking on a whole new light. More and more people are starting to understand what SEO work is all about and even more people still want to learn more about it. Therefore, I have decided to go ahead and take a look at some FAQ about SEO and SEO work and try to answer them in one place for you. To make finding the answers you are looking for a bit easier.

1. What is SEO
SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. SEO refer to the specialized techniques used to increase the friendliness and increase the placing on the results of search engines for any given web page.

2. What is Organic SEO
An organic SEO page is simply a web page that is naturally search engine recognized without the use of pay per click or other sneaky tricks known to the SEO community.

3. What is Ethical SEO
Ethical SEO is also known as White Hat SEO. It very simply put is SEO attempts that follow protocol or the guidelines set up by the search engines. There are no tricks and cheating is not practiced.

4. What is Black Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO are practices that search engines do not allow. Being found guilty of Black Hat SEO can result in your page being penalized or excluded from the search engines all together.

5. Why does my page not show in the search engines
This is the number one asked question when it comes to SEO work or topics. There are any number of different reasons that your page is not showing to search engines. Here we will list 5 possible reasons.

-You may not have a search engine optimized design
-Your site may not be readable to the engines you are trying to rank on
-There could be missing information that is needed for your webpage to be indexed
-Your site may have been banned or penalized for black hat tricks(hopefully not this reason)
-You may have not submitted your sight the right way

6. How do I get recognized or ranked for specific keywords
The way to get recognized for the keywords used, you need to make sure the content of your page has keywords people search for. Keyword research is a must.

7. What is search friendly design
This means to make sure your site is readable by the search engines. Do not use flash animations, Java Scripts or certain words which search engines penalize for called poison words.

8. What is Keyword research
Keyword research is putting the keywords in the proper order that people search for them

9. Are Meta tags useful?
SEO specialists disagree on this. Use Meta Tags but do not over use them or abuse them

10.How can I achieve a top 10 result
Have a search engine friendly site,Do extensive keyword research, Never use black hat techniques, build back links. These are steps to take to achieve a top 10 search result.

I hope these 10 FAQ about SEO work will help you.
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