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A Survival Guide For Network Marketers

Sep 11, 2008
A survival guide is needed for network marketers as 70 out of 100 people who try a MLM will not succeed within the first few months. On the flip side, 9 out of 10 who do succeed, survive to see their 10th anniversary and become very wealthy. There are more millionaires in this industry than in any other industry in America.

The very first thing to do in surviving the upstart of a network marketing business is to train a solid upline support for your team. You will be investing your advertising dollars so any MLM company should not be making a profit from you at this level; many do, though. Attempting to balance production promotion with distributor training is a fine line and unfortunately training a distributor gets neglected. Rub shoulders with an experienced leader and learn all you can from their recruiting methods. Investigate your upline because this will determine how successful you become. Read books to find out the "big hitters" and join their group. Not only does misery love company but success also loves company. With MLM companies, success is determined by people who are a boss unto themselves but are willing to be team players. By duplicating a successful upline's selling points, you are able to become an effective teacher to your downlines and they in turn to their downlines.

Internet is allowing more companies to become global. There is wider based customer friendly prospects available which translates into being able to build a solid team in less time. Baby boomers are the prime targets and they make up a large part of the public buying. They want to look younger and are very concerned about their health, wanting products that will guarantee vitality and a healthy life style. With the children of baby boomers, their tastes are varied and what is "hot" today quickly changes to lukewarm tomorrow if you don't take advantage of their need for instant gratification RIGHT NOW.

A distributor will need to be trained in satisfying a market with a product or service that really isn't in demand, yet. Encouraging distributors to learn about the product or service and really getting them to believe in what they will be selling is the key to a successful MLM. Telling potential customers that a need exists, if not today than tomorrow and seeing the practicality of that product or service will spark untold interest in wanting to get that product or service out in the community.
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