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Small Gifts Often Mean A Lot - Keep Your Employees Happy

Sep 11, 2008
All the experts report that there are several big advantages to the use of merchandise for recognition as these incentives are marketable and promotable, since a good selection can appeal to everyone across a broad spectrum of tastes over a considerable amount of time.

Some larger corporations use the kind of things that can project a positive image of the company as well as the employee that's being rewarded. Many companies use larger ticket items so that they can work with staff retention and absenteeism rates. These often include jewelry and watches that serve a dual purpose in that they act as a form of adverting that both attracts employees to the company while at the same time serving to keep the existing employees when they see the reward system that the company offers.

There have been numerous studies done on this issue and the findings are that clothing items rank high on employee appreciation lists. There is a special fondness for T-shirts and jackets and caps as well as glassware and ceramics.

Some of the other things that management can do to foster an environment where there is high incidence of staff retention with low absentee rates is the occasional impromptu gathering for the staff.

A pizza lunch for the workers is a good motivational tool that shows the employees that the management really cares about their well being and wants them to think of themselves as integral parts of the company team.

There are many other ways that a company can make their employees feel wanted. One of the more unique approaches is marking special company occasions with mementos that make the employees feel like they've added something of permanence to the company coffers.

One of the best ways to do this is to adopt a customized book that fits special occasions. These books can be customized in several different ways including,

Featuring a letter head of brief message from the company on a separate title page.

Altering a familiar book title to include the company name or letterhead.

Inserting allusions to the product into the book's text

Taking a chapter out of the book and rewriting it to create an entirely new book

As an another alternative to work with staff retention and absenteeism rates, some companies offer shopping sprees in lieu of merchandise allowing award winners to go on a shopping rampage through a warehouse that stocks certain items. Many companies prefer not to use travel awards since that can be self defeating in that it forces the employee to take time off form work
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