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How to Eliminate Negative Feedback and Stress in the Workplace

Sep 11, 2008
However, it is essential that managers learn how to handle the stress of giving this kind of feedback so that the employees can grow in their positions without feeling put upon. There are stress management techniques that need to be mastered.

Remember that while most employees want to do a good job, the price of success is high in most cases. There is also a high rate of burnout that can cause a person that would otherwise be considered a model employee to do a bad job, and the smart manger needs to be able to identify these factors and handle the discipline accordingly according to a set of stress management guidelines. Studies of the victims of burnout show that they are generally hardworking employees, dedicated and idealistic.

However, experts in the field have been able to identify four distinct categories that relates to this kind of job pressure to much work, pressure from superiors, deadlines, and low salaries. There are several things that you can look for that should tip you off that an employee's work performance is a stress-related causality.

Most of the ones that are common are the very ones that would have brought the need for some kind of discipline to the forefront. There is generally some kind of low morale, low productivity, inappropriate humor, high anxiety and boredom that all require some form of stress management.

There are many benefits that the employer will get from learning to recognize and dealing with this kind of stress and these include

Higher morale
An enhanced sense of team spirit
A improved sense of decision making
Decreases in absenteeism and turnover rates.

Because these problems are becoming major concerns for employers throughout the country, they are more willing now than ever before to look for other avenues to explore that don't involve traditional disciplinary measures.

As well as the trend that's developing toward wellness programs, there is a stress management movement toward getting the employee to recognize their contributions as part of the big picture and the overall production scheme.

However, there are instances where the employee in question will respond most favorably to criticism and while many managers feel that one of the best ways to do away with job related stress to get the employees to like them, they need to keep in mind that their jobs are not popularity contests and that the company's best interests are their responsibility.

One of the other fallacies behind this lack of criticism is the mistaken belief that people cannot take it the right way and while that may be true for some people, most employees actually have their stress levels reduced once it's been made clear to them where they can improve to reduce the likelihood of further disciplinary action.
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