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Build A Power Team To Attract Customers, Contracts, Marketing Support And Funding

Sep 11, 2008
Starting a business is an exciting adventure but at the time when we need the most support, many entrepreneurs suddenly develop "Lone Ranger" syndrome. Could this be you? This isn't the time to hide out and think you need to do it all yourself. This is the time to surround yourself with experts who have skills, talents, contacts and access to other resources to help you launch and grow your business. Let others open doors for you as well as become magnets for what you need next.

So the old saying goes "if I only knew then what I know now". I say "why wait to have the experience"?

Avoid the "hard knocks" that people insist on having by building a TEAM of people that have demonstrated success in the areas you're about to venture into. Think about what it would be like to have someone in your life that has been down the same path that you're about to go down, who is freely sharing with you what's in store. You'll be able to plan better, make better informed decisions, as well as save lots of time and money by avoiding the most commonly made mistakes. These are not employees or people working IN your business. These are people who are working ON your business with you and pop in and out as the need arises.

What do I call my TEAM?
Make it formal and professional to lend credibility. I like ADVISORY TEAM or ADVISORY BOARD as it relates to business. Others call it MASTERMIND GROUP, and MENTOR GROUP.

Who should be on it?
Here are a few examples of the "profiles" of those who would provide a well-rounded experience:

1. Someone with experience developing a business--- starting a business, operations, experience with acquiring funding, dealt with legalities of having a business, launch, growth, exit strategies, etc.

2. Someone that has actually launched or worked with a company that has achieved your desired revenue goals in a similar industry. They have demonstrated success in your market. For example, one of my companies is a fashion accessory company so I sought out the priceless advice of Nick Graham who had founded the very successful "Joe Boxer" brand in 1987.

3. Someone that responsibly represents YOUR desired target market that can give you feedback and credibility along the way. For example, my husband's friend launched an animation company that produces cartoons promoting environmental issues. The Honorable Al Gore is on their Advisory Team. This relationship has given them tons of exposure right out of the gate, opportunities to acquire large contracts and interest from investors.

4. Someone not related to your business but well-grounded and "wise" in other areas of life. During stressful periods, this person will help give you perspective, make objective decisions and support your desire to have balance in your life.

5. Others who fill in the gaps of your experience such as marketing, media, promotional, and finance. For instance, I'm putting together the platform for a nationally syndicated radio program and I don't necessarily have media business experience. So I surrounded myself with Advisors that do. People that have successfully raised millions from corporate sponsors in the non-profit sector, a former producer with Oprah, and a publicist whose specialty is radio syndication.

What to say?
Approach these people and request a short meeting where you'd have the opportunity to ask them some relevant questions about your business that they would completely relate to. Can they validate what you're doing? Did they have similar experiences they could share with you? Is there anyone else they would recommend you speak to? Any special advice they could give you?

How to follow-up?
Request that they allow you to check in with them once a month to share your progress and to seek their guidance. People generally will be honored to support you at such intervals and probably won't think to ask for anything in return so money shouldn't be an issue here.

Not only will they get to help the next generation succeed, the relationship itself will start attracting more resources, customers, contracts and funding to your business as you share who's on your TEAM with others.
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