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12 Reasons To Always Make The Most of Your Nonprofit Events

Sep 12, 2008
Having problems, having people support your cause? Not sure what you need to do to move people to help you in your nonprofit organization.

1. Create Awareness
You can create awareness of your organization's causes. Most events offer the ability to do free advertising. Make the event an integral part of your annual advertising and marketing program.

2. Solicit Donations
You have the ability to solicit donations and make all your events a fundraiser. You never know who wants to contribute to your cause. Therefore always have a donation jar and a list of causes available and on display.

3. Membership
Events are a great opportunity to secure new members. All you need to do is leave your membership forms around. One potential member may read and agree to sign up and instantly your event just became successful membership meeting,

4. Special Causes
Do you have a special need like a physical structure that requires community and neighborhood agreement before it can be improved? Develop a special handout and carry away piece that will inform neighbors about how they can support your cause. Make the marketing piece focused and distinguishable from your normal organization material so it is memorable. In any case an event gives us a chance to influence the community to support your primary or very special cause.

5. Education
When you educate the meeting participants on your cause, they appreciate and will spread the word for your organization. This also helps your organization meet its community outreach goals.

6. Media
The media may never come to your nonprofit monthly meeting but will gladly come to an event. A way to increase the incentive for them is to invite your high profile elected officials who support your cause. We invite and they write. This is a great way to get free publicity.

7. Branding
Build your organizations brand. If you are suffering under the reputation of another group because another organization has a larger profile, then an event should become a branding opportunity.

8. Community Relations
Establish community relations. Create a win-win situation, meet your neighbors, partner with them and help support their causes.

9. Government Support
Most nonprofits need some form of local government support. An event helps you chat up local government officials who you may not come across during your local travels. Sometimes you may learn something you didn't know and you can help sell your cause.

10. Networking
Build your community relations network. An event brings in many people from many neighborhood organizations. Networking with all the other community groups will help strengthen your cause and build your reputation.

11. Grant
When you attend grant training one of the line items that is clearly required is community support? If your cause requires some level of community support, he proper business event helps you gauge community interest and build a supportive group all in one place.

12. Advertising Dollars
An event raises your profile and demonstrates to store owners and business owners in town that you have an audience. They in turn will support your nonprofit with Advertising dollars.

Remember, support starts before you ask for help not when you need it.
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