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Reinforcing Your Link Building Strategies With a Good Design

Sep 12, 2008
Web design is not often thought of as a complement to search engine optimization on the contrary, it is thought of as obstacle which stands in the way of proper site optimization as weird and as redundant as that might sound. It is very common for people to neglect a proper web design which incorporates an easy to follow and easy to navigate linking structure and at the same time visually appealing.

Since this is the era of weblogs most bloggers and site owners would normally just go to the site of their favorite blogging script in order to download the script which will enable them to start blogging, once they have done the basic installation they jump to the next step which is to select a theme for the blog, this step sounds very to do especially when there are literally thousands upon thousands of freely available designs that can be applied to the blog in just a few seconds, the only problem is that most of those designs are very generic and unappealing.

If you have tried to optimize a website then you have surely heard about unique content, this doesn't only apply to text it applies to web design as well, in order to set yourself apart from the rest you need to be truly original at your site must be appealing in order to reinforce your link building strategy and makes it stand out.

Link building and web design:

If you have tried to optimize your site then you might be thinking that these two concepts have very little in common but, they do. A website which is properly optimized must be easy to link at, should be easy to remember and should have a very attractive logo or design which sticks in people's minds.

If your design uses attractive colors and inviting graphics that people are very likely to remember it, if not by the name by the design. Creating an attractive website layout is one thing but overdoing it can cause serious problems as well for instance, flash is a very attractive technology which can effectively enhance the looks of your site (if you know how to design in flash applications) but it can also hurt your optimization by increasing the time people have to wait for the page to load.

Besides having to wait (which is something that people hate to do) they also have to figure out how to use your navigation, if you want to people to find her site easy-to-use then you must create navigational images which are easy to spot and operate, most flash designed websites completely overlook this step in order to keep a futuristic design which is not easy for people to use and not linkable at all.

A proper web design serves for yet another purpose it can help you establish yourself within your niche and it can also help you to brand your site. If you have a lot of written content that you want people to read and it would be best to use colors which are easy on the eyes for example, if you have a white background and light gray fonts then your visitors might just go somewhere else to try to get the same information because you have created a site which provides content which is unreadable, not because you're using extremely small fonts but because you have neglected to create a design thinking primarily on your visitors which should be your first priority.
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