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Aug 17, 2007
Article directories are about a ten year old developing concept that provides entrepreneurs with free, viral advertising as part of an incentive to affiliate with the different article directories on the inter net.

Viral advertising means growing like a virus and dividing and multiplying. Is that clear to you? This benefits article directories by increasing the
quantity, variety and quality of their sites.

The web sites they are on will sometimes charge for listing but many good ones, lately, do not charge for listing. Listing rules are usually; no hate, pornography or otherwise objectionable materials.

Heated, political and controversial topics are welcome. Articles need to have good spelling, content, punctuation and no cursing. Good directories will have 200 categories or more to choose from. They will even list how many articles they have in each category.

About one hundred quality article directories have grown up in the last few years thanks to this program demand. Some are well established, for years, while most are fairly new.

Many new ones have been developed with creative methods and pure hard work and are very good. Many of these will let you publish your article for free.

A directory with a 4/10 minimum Alexa rating will bring you the quickest results because of their higher site visitor volume. You want to submit to as many sites as you can and sort out the better ones from the weaker ones so you can submit your articles to the good ones first.

Your articles will tell the story of you and your business. People will buy from you when you give them a good, honest story about what you do. Articles make stories, kind of like news articles, that prospects want to read before they will buy your goods or services without exception.

Once you have some more money to spend you can use a good article submitting service, like Article Marketer, to submit your articles for you. I find their cheap price and quality of service balance to be the best. They will help you develop the quality and worth of your articles also.

After a year or two, when you have more money to spend, you can start using various software tools and even courses on the internet. These will show you how to write better articles using keywords and keyword article phrases. These cost more but are good and will help you once you can afford them.

If you are not sure how to write articles you can have a ghost writer make them up for you from scratch. These ghost writers will compete to write articles for you, by bids, on some sites.

Also, the article directory web sites will almost always have a team of article writers that they will contact for you and put you in touch with. Many of them are very good so you can reasonably shop for the lower priced article writers on the directories or writer bidding sites. Make them compete for your business and save money.

They will ask you questions about your goals for your articles and find out keywords and phrases you will need in them so prospects will get back with you, or to your web site, to ask for your services. Businesses online and offline need these highly targeted words and phrases so prospects will know exactly what you are selling.

It takes time to develop leads from these articles but they tend to stay around forever and even end up on other directories and ezine sites all over the world. This gives you more free exposure and advertising as time goes by.

This is a slower rate of advertising, at first, but snowballs and no one has any personal gripes against it. Until you can afford more expensive advertising you can use this far cheaper mode of posting articles or having them posted for you.

In time you will find your articles to be your major mode of advertising. Eventually you will not need paid advertising.

On the article directories you will also find other services that may benefit you to use, now or in the future. I already told you about the ghost writer services for articles. They can also build web sites and blogs for you. They can make press releases for you. Some will even directly help you build your own article directory if you want to start one.

They can provide services like submitting articles to your blogs on a regular basis. Press releases, an essential service for developing blogs, offline businesses and web sites, can be written and submitted for you. Once you can afford this service it can be a lot of help for developing your business.

Translation software, article submitting software and other essential online services can also be performed for you by many directory services at competitive prices for quality work. These will multiply your ability to deal with prospects around the world because they will be able to read your work. This will also multiply the pages of your web site showing more real listings and increasing your site ratings.

Using and spending your money on all these services will not show you a profit right away. Articles will start to show you some results in about six months, with your daily efforts, and will grow quicker and quicker after about a year. The main reason for sticking with it is that their exposure grows and grows and virtually never stops.

One of my writing heroes, the Rich Jerk, on the internet is one of the masters of this. His articles are all over the place. He gets millions of dollars of free advertising, using this method, every month.

If you want to develop an entrepreneur career at almost anything, learning article writing and submitting can be a cheap and powerful advertising medium for you. It will never die of old age because virtually all prospects want to know the story of products or services they are looking to buy and use.

It generally takes seven to ten days to get a good keyword article written. Do not take or use any writer services at all unless they totally guarantee their work and that they will refund your money if you cannot find satisfaction with them. Some will refuse to write for you but that is okay.

Good writers know your money means something to you and will guarantee their work for you or revise it until you are satisfied. The same guarantee will be available from good writers for press release, blog and web site building services. Refuse to give them your order unless they guarantee everything. I do!

There are many writing training services free online. Some are good and some are poor. If you want to become a good writer you should check out everything free at first and then dip your toe in the cheaper, paid for, training programs afterwards so you will have some experience under your belt. Most people will be satisfied with these.

Others will be surprised to find that they love doing this and will drop the big bucks for the major writing training programs to continue their development as article writing entrepreneurs on article directories, ezines, press releases and web sites. You will now be able to judge and use the good and ignore the bad writing advertising skills.
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