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2 Places To Find Ideas For Making Money Online

Sep 12, 2008
When you are looking at ideas for making money online you need to be cautious about whose advice you believe. There certainly is no shortage of information on how to make Money on the Internet today. What I want to do is give you a couple of places you can find ideas for making money online that are legitimate and that you can trust.

One problem with Google searching the words "ideas for making money" is that you cannot always believe everything you read. Google themselves does an excellent job of bringing up relevant results to the keywords that are being searched for.

What they cannot do however is validate the credibility of the website owner or the products that they represent. This is something that you have to take the time to thoroughly investigate yourself before purchasing any of these products or joining their opportunities.

I personally like discussion forums as a place to validate any money making ideas before I spend money on them. You can go to discussion forums that relate to literally thousands of different money making ideas today.

You can join these discussion forums for free and begin participating in the discussions. You can specifically ask questions about a particular opportunity and then read the results that people post.

For the most part you can trust the answers that you get because the people providing them to you do not have a financial stake in what they say.

The second place to find ideas for moneymaking online is to visit social networking directories. Digg, Propeller, Stumbleupon, and many more have articles posted by bloggers that relate directly to ways to make money.

You can search some and then go directly to the blog that is maintained by the author of the article you just read. By visiting several blogs you can come up with ideas on how people are making money on the Internet not only blogging, but the programs that they themselves are involved in.

There are authority sites that you can check out as well. Problogger.net is considered to be the top blogging website on the Internet today. You'll find a wealth of information there on ways to make money blogging and ideas for making money in general.

Of course there are many sources for ideas for making money online. These are a couple that we like because you will not be put in a position where someone is giving you information just so they can sell you on their money making opportunity.
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