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Google Nemesis, a Short Review

Sep 12, 2008
In this article I will try to present you one of the newest popular programs that are available on the internet to help people make money online with affiliate marketing using the huge advertising network connected to Google, the AdWords service.

The name of the program is "Google Nemesis", and is the last released by a very successful internet marketer, Chris X., that has earned millions of dollars on the big online marketplace named Clickbank.

Just to make it clear to anyone, Clickbank is a long established online service that allows to sell digital products online and has one of the biggest and most used marketplaces of the internet that allows affiliates to earn high commissions referring customers, and AdWords is the biggest advertising network of the net and publishes ads on the Google search engine and the other partners of its online network.

So the author of Google Nemesis uses two of the biggest resources of the net to generate a huge income from the sale of digital products to internet users that are reached through targeted online advertising.

After this brief introduction let's see what the Google Nemesis program offers.

The core of the program is an online tool that allows to create sophisticated review pages that include affiliate links for all the Clickbank products available on the marketplace. There are products for all the needs on there.

The reviews tool was created to replicate the system that generated big results and huge profits for Chris in the recent past.

It allows to select the most successful programs from each category of the marketplace and the pages you can create with it are fully customizable, starting from default templates.

Once the review pages are completed and you start advertising them with AdWords the online tool allows you to check detailed statistics for each page. The stats report for each keyword how many clicks were received, how many sales were generated and also how many clicks were passed to the product pages, and the average time spent on the review page, so it becomes easy to determine profitable campaigns and profitable keywords.

But the online tool to create review pages is not the only benefit of Google Nemesis. In the package are also available many pdf and video how to guides.

These guides include the complete AdWords Miracle package, a top seller AdWords guide, that is still sold as a stand alone product for $97.

Are also available guides to create the perfect review page, how to spot the shadow elite, and beginners intro to Clickbank and AdWords and how to do keywords research and product selection.

All this makes Google Nemesis a very complete package that can help many to become successful with affiliate marketing online, you can learn more about Google Nemesis following the link in my resource box
About the Author
Gian Luigi Ruggeri is the owner of the web site EarnwithGoogle.com.
You can learn more about Google Nemesis at the following link: http://earnwithgoogle.com/googlenemesis
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