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Website Copywriting Attracts More Clients With These 5 Strategic Brags

Sep 12, 2008
Website copywriting faces a big challenge these days. Prospective clients and buyers get tired of reading the same promotional messages on every website.

Everybody promises, "Insider tips to take your business to the next level." Or, "Transform your life in 7 easy steps."

But do these claims really attract clients? I suspect visitors click away, muttering, "I've heard that before. And I don't believe a word."

You fill your practice faster if you brag about yourself -- shamelessly. But you have to brag strategically. Here's how I advise my own clients.

(1) Share your success stories.

Everybody promises they'll take your business to the next level. You show how you actually deliver on your promises. Tell a 3-step story.


"When Jenny called me, all her friends had stopped speaking to her. Even her dog looked the other way when they went out walking. Jenny was desperate for a social life."


"We worked on Jenny's communication style. We developed voice techniques customized to Jenny's life. We suggested new conversation topics and we taught Jenny the weed-your-friends-weekly technique."

Grand triumph:

"Jenny's social circle has widened extensively. She has more friends than ever (including some special friends). Her dog proudly trots by her side, head high."

(2) Use numbers to gain trust. Let's face it: "many" can mean five thousand, five hundred or just five." For example:

"Eighty-two percent of people who take this course tell me they increase business by at least 30%. Some raise revenues by 50% or more."

"In 6 years I've worked with over 300 clients. My experience helps me deal with just about any challenge in my field."

"I doubled revenue in my own business in 6 months with just one simple technique. And it's so easy anyone can do it."

Of course you'll be accurate. But I would also choose meaningful claims. Readers won't be excited when you say, "Ninety percent of people who took this course became more aware of their own prosperity." They want prosperity, not awareness.

(3) Get other people to brag for you. Use testimonials to build credibility exponentially.

Your client says, "Hey, I really got a lot from your service." That's your signal to move fast.

Many happy clients are delighted to help but don't have time to write out a testimonial. So draft up a quote and always, always get permission to use it on your website.

When your favorite clients won't offer testimonials, they'll often agree to serve as references. No problem: you need those too.

(4) Brag about what you've done. You lose credibility if you can't document your claims.

One author claimed he had spent twenty years researching his topic. But his book cited just a few interviews and fewer references. So he can't brag about research - unless he wants readers to fling the book across the room, yelling, "Impossible!"

But he can brag about his 20 years of specialized experience, his advanced degrees, and his program to create a success mindset for bored, lazy clients.

(5) Brag about what makes you different. Then tell us why it matters.

You spent 20 years in the meanest company in corporate America. You are uniquely qualified to coach executives who face unreasonable demands.

You're a CPA with a hobby of oil painting. You can relate to clients in the artistic fields.

Your unique 3-step process will transform home offices from chaotic to calm. Your clients see results faster than those who use standard methods (and they are happier, too).

You know you've bragged strategically when you read your own sales page and think, "Wow - I would like to hire this person."
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