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4 Tips On Making Money With Email Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
How big is your list. There are benefits to having a large mailing list when it comes to making money with email marketing. There are even more benefits to having a large quality mailing list that recognizes your name when you send them an email.

It all starts with building your list. Capturing names and email addresses is a very effective way to make any online advertising pay for itself. Sending traffic to a capture page is an investment in your future. The old saying that the person who rules the list rules the money is still true even today. So how do you get started building a mailing list.

First you will need to sign up for a paid membership at a respected autoresponder service. This is not very expensive. It usually costs no more than $20 per month. Either Aweber.com or Getresponse.com are two good recommended autoresponder services.

Here are 4 tips you can use to increase the size of you rmailing list and make money with email marketing.

1. Place a sign-up box on every website you own to capture email addresses from your prospects.

Offer something of value such as a free report or free eBook in exchange for them signing up with you. Publishing a newsletter on a frequent basis is a good idea and offering freebies entices your visitor to sign-up for it.

Building a relationship with your subscribers is the key to making money with email marketing. You can do this over a period of time by mailing on a regular basis anything of value as you find it. You can work that into your newsletter or just a broadcast your whole mailing list.

2. When you email your list, give your subscribers a FREE offer that complements the product or service that you are promoting in the email. This could be a FREE eBook or report that might make them more interested in the product that you are selling..

3. Use your mailing list to pre-sell future offers by giving them teasers of things coming in the future. This will help get your mail read the next time.

4. On any online advertising include your autoresponder email address to help you get even more subscribers you are not getting from your web pages. Rather than trying to sell a product you will find you are better off to try and capture names and email addresses on a capture page and then soft sell it in future emails. People have to see something as many as 12 times before they buy. Email marketing helps you do that.

Email marketing makes you more money when it is done right. Follow the tips above and cash in on your company's new email marketing strategies with ease. To make money with email marketing you have to always be working at building your list. Hopefully this article has give you some ideas on how to do that correctly.
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