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Making The Choice To Achieve Financial Freedom

Sep 12, 2008
Developing a positive mindset is essential when starting your work from home business and reaching that mindset is a choice. Have you ever heard the saying, "Life is a series of choices"? Sure you have. How about this one, "Destiny is no matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not something to be waited for, but rather something to be achieved." The latter was attributed to a 3 time presidential
candidate, a great orator and lawyer publicly known as "The Great Commoner", Nebraska congressman William Jennings Bryan.

If you want to start a work at home business you need to take the next step and go after it with the proper mindset. First you need to make the choice to invest in yourself. Take a moment to look around. What's happening in the lives of a large percentage of the people you see around you? Not to much, I would venture to guess. Whether they realize it or not, it's the result of choices:
-the choice to just let things happen
-the choice to let others do the thinking for me
-the choice to exist from one day to the next
-the choice to settle for less
-the choice to take what comes my way

Life really is a series of choices. You can either sit back and take what life deals you or you can fight back, take charge, and determine your own path. So let's put this in perspective. I was discussing some options for a home based business opportunity with friends who had some serious financial problems. They absolutely needed the extra income an opportunity such
as a gifting program would provide. A home based business would also provide the time freedom they wanted and the financial freedom they so desperately needed. As we talked about the work from home opportunity as the ultimate solution, I could already see the choice being made. Long story short, they opted to just continue their 9 to 5 "J.O.B." and keep their financial situation, status quo.

So there you go, the choice was made. They choose to let their current situation continue instead of choosing to make a change and improve the future. Remember this when faced with one of life's choices. Life should not be dictated to you, rather you should make the most of the choices presented to you. It's been said that opportunity passed each of us by every day and all we have to do is see the opportunity.

Operating any home based business, cash leveraging program or gifting opportunity takes a positive attitude. It reminds me of Jean Nidetch of New York who had a self confessed attitude, an obsession as it was for eating cookies. She said, "It's choice, not chance, that determines your destiny". Her choice when made was to get rid of the cookies and she went on to found Weight Watchers and I'm sure we all know how that story turns out.

My all time favorite saying is, "If you continue to do today what you did yesterday, will you be where you want to be tomorrow"? Think about it, of course the choice is yours.
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