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Your Mom Skills Equal Business Success

Sep 12, 2008
Many women today wish they could be work at home Moms so that they can be home with their children. Can your Mom skills help you run a successful business? You bet they can! Your Mom skills are your best asset and will serve you well to start and become successful at building your own business.

You are already run very important corporation, your home and family! You organize schedules, plan events, make sure food and household supplies are stocked, manage the budget and a multitude of other tasks every day. As a woman and a mom you have unique talents and skills, these transfer over to running a business quite nicely!

Before you became a mom you probably worked, went to college or university. You may have worked in an office or in as a sales clerk in a store. Whatever skills you had as a single woman became the foundation for your skills as a mom. Consequently, what you learn as a mom, directly relates to what you learned long ago and when combined, can be transferred into other areas of your life including having a direct selling career.

I was thinking about my own mom skills today and which ones transferred into business skills for me. I bet most of them will for you too.

Do you love learning? If you are the type of Mom who enjoys learning new things and how to be a better parent you'll find this is an asset to your business. It seems like there is a lot to learn when you are starting a new business but if you take small steps you'll have it mastered in no time.

Do you look after the household budget? Your budgeting and money management skills will be a real asset to your business. If you don't look after this area you really should learn the basics. After all you never know what the future holds and you might need to know this.

Do you organize your families schedules? Most women do, so this will make you an expert in planning and organizing your business. Your business success depends on your making an action plan, and fitting it into your schedule.

Are you a nurturer? Most women are born helpers so your caring, nurturing side will enhance your customer service skills. You've probably dealt with some grumpy or unhelpful sales people in your day to day shopping so use that as an example of what not to do.

Do you like meeting new people? If you are a people person or crave some adult interaction a direct selling career could be the solution for you. It gives you the opportunity to get out and meet new and interesting people. Being able to talk to people and show an interest in them is a real asset.

These are just a few of your mom skills that can make you a business success story! If you have been thinking about starting your own business but didn't believe you had the skills, now you know that you do. Your dream of being a work at home mom could be a reality, if you are brave enough to give it a try.
About the Author
Melody Thacker has been enjoying her direct selling career for over 20 years while raising her family and loves her Watkins business. She uses her nurturing skills to help others become a successful work at home mom too.
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