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How Do You Know Your Writer Is Good

Sep 12, 2008
Spotting a good writer can sometimes be tricky, yet necessary so that you could be assured that all your writing needs are fulfilled. Here is a list to help you choose the writer that you need.

A sense of professionalism

A writer may be the best in his field, but if he does not deal with you as his client in a professional manner, do not hire him. But, what does "being professional" mean? In the simplest form, it could mean the prudence of keeping deadlines and being true to his promises. Check on how the writer fared in his previous writing obligations for other clients. Why did he stop writing for them? If you find out that the reason was that he could not cope with the pressure, or if it is because he could not meet the deadlines because he was busy, then you should be wary as there is absolutely no reason why he would not do the same with you.

The value of discipline

You may have heard stories of writers who refuse to write unless inspiration "hits" them. Do not be fooled by this because good writers can write even without muses. A good writer is disciplined. He is able to focus his efforts and meet his goals. Also, a good writer will work well within your limits. If you have set standards and guidelines, he must be able to accept them and work around them.

Quality over quantity

Do not pay exorbitant fees for writing services, but do not hire the writer offering the cheapest service, too! The idea behind this is the sense of accountability that is instilled in your writer. If your writer gets paid way below what he is supposed to get, the tendency is for him to just write articles just to get them over and done with. Your writer's goal is set at writing the most number of articles, and he would often sacrifice the quality of his work. You would end up losing more in the end, because you would have to do major editing. And, no matter how many times you give the article back to your writer, he will, time and time again, give you mediocre articles.

A great command of the language

Think of it this way: you are the visionary of a writing goal, and your writer is tasked to translate your vision into words. Hence, if the writer is not sufficiently adept at the language, then all would be futile. This simply means that your writer is not geared enough to accomplish his mission. Ask potential writers to submit samples to you. Based from these samples, ask yourself these questions: Did the samples convey clear messages? Were the words used in the articles proper? Did the writer's extensive vocabulary show through these samples? If your answer is a resounding YES, then you may have found a great writer.

A good disposition

Look for a writer with good attitude. An optimistic writer is a non-complainer. He loves what he is doing, and he will gladly listen to your constructive criticisms. More importantly, you do not find it daunting to deal with him because it is a pleasure working with him.
Do not expect to find the perfect writer. But find one who approximates most, if not all of these qualities, and you are good to go!
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